A Welcome Confirmation about the Identity of Israel

The modern-day identity of Israel is critical. For those who are aware that the biblical Israelites today are not the Jews but those of northwestern European stock, there are many evidences today of that fact. Once in a while, there comes along a current example that testifies and verifies who the true biblical Israelites are today. Perhaps inadvertently, a news report recently appeared that hits you right in the face. Most people, I suspect, didn’t get it. But I want to tell you about what I saw.

The Case of Alleged Israeli Spies

There was an article posted on March 21, 2018 about two British journalists “who were detained by Libya” because Libyan officials “confused a passage of Welsh written on their medical supplies for Hebrew, leading to suspicions they were spying for Israel.”1 One of the journalists said:

“My father, who’s a nurse, had given me some bandages in case we got into trouble,” he told the BBC. “Some had Welsh written on and they thought this was Hebrew and we were Israeli spies.”

Welsh is a Celtic language. This article cited that “… in 1821, the journal The Cambro-Briton noted the ‘affinity between the Hebrew and Welsh tongues… The many points of resemblance between the languages in question have been noted by several learned writers,’ it noted, adding that this was ‘not merely in a coincidence of particular words, but in a general agreement of idiom and structure.’”

Of the many evidences of the modern-day identity of Israel that I produce in my book, Identifying Biblical Israel Today, I cover the similarity of language between the White Anglo-Celto-Saxon and Hebrew.

Let the Record Show

For example, in regard to the Welsh dialect, I cite this quote:

Scarcely any Hebrew root can be discovered that has not its corresponding derivative in the ancient British language.a An eminent Cornish scholar of the last century, who devoted a great deal of time to prove the affinity between the Hebrew and Welsh languages, observes, “It would be difficult to adduce a single article or form  of construction in the Hebrew grammar but . . . the same is to be found in Welsh, and that there are many whole sentences in both languages exactly the same in the very words.” 2

The late Raymond Capt, who was a gifted archeologist and researcher, quoted Rev. Eliezer Williams:

“In Richard’s Welsh and English Dictionary (published in Bristol in 1750) and in several other philological works, the affinity the Welsh bears to the Hebrew language is strenuously maintained. But not only do the words themselves indicate that similarity between the two; their variations and inflections afford a much stronger proof of affinity.” 3

What, then, is the logical conclusion of this language connection between Welsh and Hebrew? Simply, it identifies that the people who use the Welsh language are the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are part of the true people of biblical Israel. The Jews of today are NOT Israel. Section Two of my book, Identifying Biblical Israel Today, discusses this as well.

So, Who Cares?

Many would ask, “So what? What difference does it make?”  It’s an understandable question if one has concluded that:

  1. All races came from Adam;
  2. All races are made in God’s image and likeness; and
  3. All races are ultimately a part of God’s redemptive plan and can be included in His Kingdom.

In other words, all races can partake in the holy covenants of the Bible. So, in this case, it doesn’t make any difference who Israel is today – if that is true.

Theology Rules

On the other hand, if the above theological opinions are not true, correct and certain, then it would make a huge difference. I, and other theologians, have arrived at a different conclusion based on the preponderance of biblical, historical and scientific evidence. The Bible is about the covenant people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It’s exclusive to them! It is to them that the covenants belong. They are the ones God has redeemed and saved through Jesus Christ for a special purpose. They are the White Anglo-Celto-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, and kindred peoples today.

Until that is acknowledged, understood and accepted, we will continue to witness our ongoing destruction and demise for many reasons. God’s ordained Kingdom plan has been snubbed and the Jewish imposters have seized our inheritance.

How critical it is to start teaching His people. This is why I have written my books and am in the process of developing the Bible Mastery Boot Camp study course.

Will you be a part of helping to proclaim the truth?

Modern-Day Consequences

This week the U.S. federal government officially moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is political and an acknowledgement of America’s unqualified support and backing of “Israel,” better said, the Israeli State. Although there are many dire political implications both now and in the future, such a move would not be possible but for the wide-spread “evangelical” pressure. Pastor Robert Jeffress explains the reasoning:

“Jerusalem has been the object of the affection of both Jews and Christians down through history and the touchstone of prophecy,” Jeffress told CNN last year. “But, most importantly, God gave Jerusalem — and the rest of the Holy Land — to the Jewish people.” 4

God gave the Jews the Holy Land and Jerusalem? The Jews? Where does it say that in the Bible? Furthermore, the Jews of today are NOT biblical Israelites.

Then we have the “prophecy” reasoning. The false idea that the Jews must come back to that piece of property over there is the “touchstone” Jeffress pointed out. Again, this is false theology.

A misidentification of true Israel and errant dispensational theology. And now watch, the consequences will be devastating! This embassy is one more step to making Jewish Jerusalem the world capital.


1 “Journalists were held over Welsh-Hebrew mix-up” https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/journalists-were-held-over-welsh-hebrew-mix-up-7579481.html

2 Rev. John Heslip,  Who and Where Are the Lost Ten Tribes?, pp. 17-18, quoted by Robert Alan Balaicius in God’s Plan for Mankind, the Sin Factor, and the Restoration of Creation, (Mountain City, TN: Sacred Truth Ministries, 1993), p. 116.   a Quoting Rev. Eliezer Williams, 1754-1820. Vicar of Lampeter, Britain, chaplain in Britain’s Royal Navy, researcher and prolific writer on ancient Celtic tribes.

3 Capt, Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets, p. 191 quoting The English Works of the Late Rev. Eliezer Williams, 1840.

4 “Half of evangelicals support Israel because they believe it is important for fulfilling end-times prophecy,”  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2018/05/14/half-of-evangelicals-support-israel-because-they-believe-it-is-important-for-fulfilling-end-times-prophecy/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.f343913cec26

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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