Two Major Goals of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp has two major goals that can and must be accomplished. These are based on the mission and purpose of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, which is to make it available in every county and province of every country where our People live. Let’s talk about the first goal.

Goal #1

First, it creates an opportunity for our White racial kindred to receive ongoing, comprehensive study of the Bible and learn how to correctly interpret the Bible. I love Psalm 119:160:

“The sum of Thy Word is truth.”

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp doesn’t address every doctrine and teaching in the Scripture and it is not complete in that sense. It is comprehensive in that it systematically pieces together the key people, events and covenants of the Bible using time-tested tools of interpretation. It presents an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. And it is designed to be interactive in order to help almost anyone discover for themselves what the Bible says and means. The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will also create an integrated style whereby learning will be enhanced on multiple levels – visual, audio, follow-along personal course notebook and textbook.

Goal #2

The second goal is to help create local fellowships that may be the beginning formation and establishment of local churches. Here is our vision. If our People begin learning together on an ongoing basis, we believe the Bible Mastery Boot Camp will naturally provide a covenanting together of relationships. If they learn together, discuss together and begin to form their own conclusions together about what the Bible says and means, will they not begin to be solidified together in fellowship? Yes, I believe they will.

While the Bible Mastery Boot Camp can be used successfully with individuals, the ultimate goal is to use it for small groups of our People. I believe that will foster the development of churches on the local level. And we have designed the Bible Mastery Boot Camp as a done-for-you video presentation that nearly anyone can use to start a small group Bible study. All you need is a place to meet, a DVD player and a TV screen or large monitor. If you want to be the facilitator of a small group, we will also provide guidelines about how to do that.

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp is going to be a powerful tool to help you create a beachhead in your local area for the manifestation of the Kingdom.

If you see that vision too, please consider helping us to keep producing the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. Just click here to send us a message to let us know you want to help. Thank you!!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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