The Picture Begins to Emerge

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

For me, my discovery of what the Bible said and what it meant began with the Table of Contents (previous post). That revealed two major pieces of the puzzle (Old and New Testaments) that I needed in the quest to solve this mystery.

Story of a Family

As I began to read through Genesis, especially from chapter 12 on, it became clear I was reading the story of one man’s family. God had chosen a man, Abram, and called him to a life of total dependency on Him. God put Abram (later called Abraham) through many testings, but also gave him many covenant promises. Great story!

These covenant promises were inherited by Abraham’s son, Isaac, and his grandson, Jacob. Jacob became the father of 12 sons who also inherited the covenant promises. They became a nation called Israel.

This was a family story. I started to see the connections within this family – blood line and covenant. Inseparable.

Story of a Nation

I kept reading Exodus through Deuteronomy. Then through Israel’s history. It was the story of a nation and God’s dealings with it – the covenant, the blessings, the judgments, the Prophets – all about Israel.

But then, I found a part of the story that I was never taught and I did not know. It was to be a critical piece of the puzzle for me in order to begin to grasp the Bible in its context – both Old and New Covenant Scriptures. One unified, consistent whole.

Although I discuss this more thoroughly in Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage (Book One), I will briefly introduce this in my next email to you. Stay tuned.

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