Special Announcement Coming

Next Thursday, October 26, I will be giving you a new and very important update about a special project we have been working on. I want to tell you a little bit about that here, but all I can say at this point is that this is going to be a very exciting project that could have a huge impact for God’s Covenant People globally. This project that I am currently working on could give us the opportunity to effectively get critical teaching of the Bible into the hands of perhaps millions of our People everywhere. You will want to pay attention to this update because we are shifting our focus in our teaching ministry. This will help you keep up with the new changes coming soon.

Writing the Covenant Heritage Series

Most of you are familiar to some degree with my books called the Covenant Heritage Series. But you may not know that before I began writing them, I conducted live teaching classes to groups of men who did not know anything about this new breakthrough understanding of the Bible. I was “field testing” the process and effectiveness of this biblical teaching that would become the basis for my books. I wanted to know if my approach to the Bible worked. As a result of this live teaching over the years, I kept improving and eventually perfecting this teaching process as the basis for my books.

In the past five years since the books have been available, I have gotten valuable feedback from those who have read at least one of the books. While many have greatly benefited, I have realized and identified one big problem and one major difficulty.

The Big Problem

The big problem encountered by some was in reading the books. Not necessarily because the books were hard to understand, but because reading was a problem. Some people have difficulty with reading itself.  Sometimes I have to re-read something several times to really grasp it. (Of course, the stuff I read is not light reading, either.)

I realize my books contain a lot of information and sometimes some people lose the flow and continuity of what is written just through reading alone. And my books are designed to build knowledge upon knowledge. Just reading them doesn’t always cut it.

So we thought, “Okay, how can we unleash the teaching of the Bible along with my books? Why not create a DVD series that would interactively take almost anyone step-by-step in an easy-to-follow approach to help them discover for themselves what the Bible says and means? Would that work?”

In my experience teaching live audiences, I have never failed to see the amazing explosion of the learning experience that people receive. They “get it” because of the way I teach and because it’s interactive.

Obviously, I wish I could do this everywhere, all the time. So, the next best thing is to duplicate this live teaching in a DVD format. This “big problem” with relying on just reading the books can be solved efficiently and effectively. I think many people will really get into it and their knowledge and understanding will just explode. It provides a learning experience on many levels.

Another Difficulty Solved

The other major difficulty that I kept hearing about is this: Many have expressed their desire to share the truth about what the Bible says with family, friends and neighbors, but are frustrated as to what to say and where to begin. You may have experienced the same frustration too.

But, what if you had a “done-for-you” DVD teaching and training series to give to someone?

  • What if you invited some folks over to your home to watch a DVD interactive presentation?
  • What if everybody got so excited about what they were hearing that they wanted to share the same DVD presentation with others?

Yes, I believe it is possible to reach more of our people than we ever thought possible! These DVD presentations can help overcome that major difficulty and bridge the gap.

Can this DVD presentation be that needed tool to help folks like you share the truth of God’s Word with those you know? I believe it can and will!

That’s why I am so very excited about this project. It’s exponential!

More About the DVD Project

I have more specific details about this DVD project coming next Thursday. I want to tell my vision for effectively reaching and teaching many, many more people like you.

I will be sharing what we have already been doing to develop this exciting project and where we are at right now.

So, stay tuned and I will see you next week.


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