Race, DNA and Vaccinations

As a Christian theologian, I have come to the conclusion that the Bible is about the race of Adam throughout their generations and specifically about the Adamic covenant family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This race was created in the image and likeness of God and is identified today as the White people of Northwestern European countries and their descendants (documented in Book Two, Identifying Biblical Israel Today).  The Bible is not about all races and racial subtypes, but about one race among others. What does race have to do with DNA and vaccinations?

Race and DNA

God created Adam with a physical body and a soul and He breathed His Spirit into him.  Thus, Adam was created in God’s image and likeness. That image and likeness is generated to all generations through the DNA. The genetic code is transferred and perfectly replicated through the union between an Adamic man and Adamic woman at the conception of the child from that union. If that DNA is altered, the race is changed. This concept of genetic racial inheritance is best summed up in these quotes that I have also included in Book Four, God’s Covenant Creation:

“A basic fact of biology is the concept that, ‘all cells arise from pre-existing cells.’ There is no other place from which they can come. The original cells and chromosomes of each life form were stamped with a genetic code or blueprint (DNA) by the Creator of the species … Nature basically repeats itself, and that is all.”1

“Every type of living being … has the faculty for reproducing its kind, which is really the ability to transmit all its characteristics to its offspring by heredity … the essentials, the basic features, the principles, the laws, are found to be identical in all organisms. We may therefore trust the thousand-fold experience that basic facts about heredity discovered in one organism are true for all.”2

This is a confirmed and verified scientific fact of genetic inheritance.

The DNA, the soul (mind, will and emotions), and the spirit of Adamic man are generated as a complete package. If the DNA is altered through inter-breeding with other non-Adamic races or racial sub-types, the Adamic DNA, soul and spirit is altered and diminished. The consequence is the permanent change in race and, in such a case, unchangeable exclusion from any possibility of ever participating as a member in the covenant family of God and His holy Kingdom. It’s a tragedy, of course, but once that race-mixing and the issue of that union takes place – it is done and cannot be undone.  It is irreversible!

The enemies of God and His People know this and continually try to tempt us in numerous ways to mix our DNA. They know that it will forever destroy God’s elect. Then, through the equality and integration movement, if they can neutralize the Covenant Race, they will have their insane, absurd, Marxist new world order.

Vaccinations and DNA

The pervasive propaganda that “all races are equal” coming from both the secular and religious worlds has certainly made inroads into the minds of Adamic Israel. Many more each year are convinced that race-mixing is not that bad and may even be a good thing. But the truth of the matter is that many White people still prefer to live and marry their own kind. The racial mixing agenda is not working fast enough for the powers-that-be.

So, there is potentially another method to permanently alter the DNA of White people so they either cannot produce children at all or produce DNA-defective children. Sound diabolical? Yes, it is! Such a method is even now being implemented through vaccinations.

As a traditional naturopath, I can tell you that my own investigation into the efficacy of vaccinations has little to no scientific data to support their idea that they do what the government and medical community claim they do. And, I can tell you that, of all the detoxification procedures I do for others, such as for heavy metals and chemicals, vaccination detoxification is the most difficult causing more intense adverse symptoms. I believe that is because of the many substances in vaccinations that are foreign to the body along with the combinations of vaccine injections that are so prevalent today. Those substances include, but are not limited to, aluminum, chick embryo cells, dog kidney cells, erythromycin (antibiotic), formaldehyde, glycerin, latex, mercury, thimerosal, and so forth.3

Altering the DNA

But my real concern and suspicion is that pharmaceutical companies are contemplating, and perhaps even now concocting, vaccination cocktails that are targeted to alter DNA. Investigative journalist, Jon Rappaport brought attention to a New York Times article on March 10, 2015 on efforts in Congress to fund a billion dollars to research a “universal flu vaccine project” that includes “an investigational DNA-based vaccine…” Synthetic genes will be injected into the body by vaccination combining synthetic “DNA payloads” and viruses “into the recipients own DNA.”4 What is this? It is genetic (DNA) re-engineering. A “human” GMO!! Consider the exponential increase in required vaccinations for both children and adults throughout the years!

Recently, the revelation that genetic-testing company 23andMe.com has made a $300 million deal with GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical corporation to sell the DNA information they collected. What possible interest would GlaxoSmithKline have in that DNA information and why would they spend $300 million to obtain it?

Conspiracy theory? Call it what you will, but it’s possible that a new generation of vaccines are being developed to target certain DNA groups to be even more effective for evil purposes! More DNA destruction creating more deadly diseases and population control and reduction. It’s a part of the plan of an unaccountable oligarchy network to completely dominate the world through their methods of destruction. You don’t think that there are people out there that wicked?

I would say this. The game of Russian roulette has gotten more dangerous with not just one bullet loaded in the chamber, but three. Wanna play?

The good news is that our God has a plan of deliverance for His People. But it requires knowledge and understanding of what the Bible says and means. God’s law protects His people through His prohibition to racially intermarry as well as his laws against putting that which is unclean into our bodies. We must learn to say “No!” It requires doing your research about what is going on out there. There is no lack of information for you to discover and share.

More importantly, we have a holy obligation to start conversations so our People know who they are. We need churches – local assemblies of His Covenant People where God dwells in power.

May God’s Spirit of Truth come upon you with holy intention to start taking dominion.

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv


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