Now You Can Know For Yourself

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

How do you know if what you have been told by religious “Christian” leaders is the whole truth about what the Bible says and means? How do you really know if you don’t know how to find out for yourself?

Oh, but my pastor wouldn’t lie. Maybe not – not purposely. I am not judging motives here. But I am telling you that it’s your responsibility to personally verify that what you have been told is true is actually true, correct and certain according to the Bible.

Besides, there are a lot of very sincere pastors (and priests, Bible school and seminary professors) out there. Are they telling the truth? I mean, there are a lot of different opinions out there in the big wide religious world. They can’t all be correct. Somebody’s wrong. How do you know which is true and which is not?

Oh, but my pastor teaches from the word of God. Okay, so do a lot of them. Does teaching from the Bible ensure that what you have been told is accurate? How do you know?

Oh, but I don’t have the training and education to really find out for myself, like my pastor does. Maybe so. But if I could show you how to accurately read and study the Bible so that it fits together as a whole, would you be interested? Do you want to know for yourself what the Bible actually says and means, or do you want to leave that for somebody else to figure out for you?

Respectfully speaking, your pastor or religious teacher probably has some things right, but many very important things that are dead wrong. I say that because I myself was doing and teaching some right things, but was way off on many critical doctrines.

As a matter of fact, the consensus opinion of “conservative, orthodox” Christianity is in general agreement on some verifiable teachings of the Bible that are important to the integrity of what God has revealed. On the other hand, there is a lot of agreement on important teachings that are only based on assumptions and not the evidence from the Bible.

What teachings? The identity of the “Jews” and the “Gentiles,” and the actual and only recipients, biblically speaking, of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ – for example.

And I was a part of the consensus of opinion crowd for years. But I discovered I was wrong about a lot of things once I started to objectively apply the correct tools of interpretation and study the Bible for myself.

How I discovered what I know today as the truth is what I can help you do, too. I have found a practical approach to the Bible that will help you discover and verify for yourself what it actually says.

The Bible is a big book with a lot of people, stories, and history. If you want to put it all together in a very easy to understand way, get my first book in the Covenant Heritage Series. It is called Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage: Laying the Foundation. It is now available in eBook format as well as soft cover. Click here.

It may be the beginning of a new journey that will open your eyes to the truth about what God has said and who you are and your destiny. And perhaps there is someone you know who needs this book, too.

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