The Media: Beyond Fake News

Last Friday, my wife and I were trying to enjoy the inauguration ceremony and parade afterwards, but it was quite annoying to listen to the constant commentary of the media “experts” prattle on about President Trump. Instead of simply telling us about the events as they unfolded, they went on and on about their opinions and perspective on Mr. Trump – most of which was negative. We could see what they were trying to do: interpret for us what we should be thinking. This was beyond fake news. It was a deliberate propaganda to influence how we should perceive who Trump is and what he said and so forth. It was annoying, to say the least.

Beyond Fake News – The Real Role of the Media

Unfortunately, there are still those people out there who are usually taken in by the media and think just like the media wants them to think. But more and more people have seen through this veil of deception and are getting more adept at recognizing “the spin” the media brings. That’s one of the reasons the “alternative media” has gained popularity.

It is true the major, well-funded media has no problem dishing out “fake news” taking many forms, from outright lies to partial truths with significant facts left out of a story. The media are not truth-tellers. They are not about to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Why? Because that’s not their role.  Their job is to manipulate the minds of the public to conform to ungodly, liberal, politically-correct ideas. It is all one-sided, but of course, they don’t want you to think so. They’re “fair and balanced” – right?

The media’s other role is to agitate. This includes many areas, but foremost is racial agitation. The media takes any opportunity to pit blacks and other races against Whites. The media loves it, and of course, it is never favorable for the Whites. There are two reasons, I believe, for this racial agitation:  1) to denigrate and suppress White people; and 2) to keep promoting “diversity” and integration. Lift up the non-White races and send the White people running for cover, cowering in fear of being called “racists” and “haters.” The media likes to “stir the pot.”

The Set-Up

I’ll give you a good example of this. We were watching a rather decent interview with Donald Trump’s son by a CBS black female. This was aired in the evening on inauguration day. Just when the peoples’ guard was let down, CBS followed with a pre-recorded interview of a group of racially diverse 10-year-olds. All were non-White and from other countries with the exception of one White boy. They were picked out from an elementary school in Maryland. They were asked what they felt when they heard Mr. Trump would become President. They all responded with obviously well-rehearsed opinions. Every one of them said they were worried that many immigrants would be sent out of the country and they were individually living in “fear” of what he might do.

I can’t tell you how outraged my wife and I were at this unconscionable piece of media propaganda. But, that’s its role. The media must go beyond fake news to agitate in order to maintain and protect diversity. All attempts will be made now to protest and win over the White Americans to maintain and promote racial diversity and integration.

Behind the Media

How is the major media and their fake news so well-coordinated and funded? Apart from the drug companies who fork over millions of dollars daily to run their drug ads, major media has always been funded and controlled by the international banking system.

In America, as far back as Alexander Hamilton, the controlled media was always supportive of the big banking elite. Their goal? To enslave the People of the United States by controlling their currency through their banking monopoly.

Their further goal is one-world economy and government which includes the achievement of racial equality, diversity and integration. Of course, that won’t work ultimately because such a scheme defies natural law. So they, through their media, must lie and manipulate the news. They are the creators of fake news. And through their government they must also create laws to force White people to capitulate to the diversity and integration programs.

So, be vigilant to be wise and discerning about what you see and hear. Remember the media is not your friend – especially if you love and seek the truth. They have another agenda.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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