Is The Bible Racist?

A friend and colleague of mine recently sent me an article written by a Southern Baptist about what he believes the Bible teaches about “racism.” Most Protestants and Catholics teach the same thing. The title of the article is “The Bible Speaks on Racism.”1 In the article, the author lists “seven biblical reasons why racism is wrong.” Beginning today, I want to address each of these reasons for why it is believed and taught that racism is not biblical. Their teaching is contrary to what the Bible actually says. Is the Bible racist?

Today’s response addresses the first reason given:  1. God created all the races (Genesis 1:27).

What is Racism?

Although I will respond to this common interpretation of this first reason, I am a bit handicapped because the author never defines “racism” or “racist.” Southern Baptist leadership has been quite vocal about “eradicating racism,” especially as a reaction and attempt to correct their history of supporting slavery. But these terms, “racism” and “racist” are never defined by those who seem to know what they mean and arbitrarily discuss. Like many in both the religious and secular worlds, these terms have taken on an assumed idea but are never really defined. What is racism?

As I discuss in the Introduction of Book Five, The Greatest Deception of Our Time, racism is a term of impression designed to condemn. It is a tactic used primarily to keep White people in their place – cowering down in a corner in dread fear of its negative consequences. The charge of racism is directed toward White people. In the religious world system, racism is the greatest of all “sins.”

However, racism is not specifically defined nor can the religious authorities point to a law of God that has been transgressed. Here is the biblical definition of “sin.”

Sin is the transgression of the Law.” – I John 3:4

Below is the most modern definition for “racism”:

Definition of racism: A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race…”2 Since the terms “racism” and “racist” were invented in the 1930s the definition has changed over a period of time.

The Origin of the Races

Let’s get into the first reason that this Southern Baptist author supplies to prove the Bible is not racist and “why racism is wrong.”

“Every person from every race is created in the image of God. Races were not accidental or the result of sin. They are an expression of God Himself. He built diversity into the very DNA of mankind. If God created all races, then we must show value and respect for all races.”

Where does the Bible say “every race is created in the image of God”? Here is what Genesis 1:27 says:

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

God created Adam – male and female. How does this translate into all races? Here is their reasoning. Because Adam is the first “human” created, he is the father of all the races. The problem is that this is a presumption. It’s presumed that Adam was the first father of the “human race” (that is, all races) and there were no other races in existence at the time of God’s creation of Adam.

Is that a true, certain and correct presumption? In order to verify the statement that “God created all the races” from Adam, and thus they were created in God’s image, the presumption must first be proved true beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • Can this be proven by the law of nature explained and repeated in Genesis 1: “kind after kind”?
  • Does the rest of the context of the Bible from Genesis 5 through Revelation support such a presumption as fact?

I answer both of these questions in Book Four, God’s Covenant Creation.

The DNA Argument

Then the author states his reasoning why all races originated with Adam:

“He built diversity into the very DNA of mankind.”

Where does the Bible say that? Once again, it’s a presumption that must be proven true.

The theory is that Adam contained all the genetic information of all the races. Then, by the process of “natural selection” through environmental changes acting upon all the genetic codes, all the variety of races was produced.

So the question is, Has this ever been proven to be true, correct and certain? As I discuss in God’s Covenant Creation, this is a theory that has never been proven or demonstrated by genetic science. Furthermore, it has been disproved as a Communist theory called Lysenkoism (see God’s Covenant Creationchapters 4 and 5).

In short, there is no biblical or scientific justification to believe that God created in Adam all the DNA of all the races.

Hence, the author’s first reason to suggest that the Bible opposes “racism” (whatever that means) because God created all the races from Adam only, is not just suspect, but is based on unproven presumptions.

Next time I will address the second reason: 2. All races are fallen and sinful.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv





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