False Theology of Racial Equality

Controversy and protests rage over the recent executive order by President Trump to put a stop to the refugee immigration process. The Wall Street monopoly has also expressed their displeasure with a big drop in the market. Racism, hate, and bigotry are the ever-present watch words blathered all over the corrupt and controlled media covering staged protest events from our land to Europe. But it’s not just about letting Muslims in our country for another free ride on the backs of White Americans. No. At the heart of it is this destructive and false theology of racial equality and integration supported by Catholic and evangelical Protestant religions.

False Theology of Racial Equality as the Foundation

The point is this. But for the promotion of this false theology of racial equality by so-called “Christian” religions, and their unqualified condemnation of anyone who would disagree with their self-righteous theological position, we would NOT have this increasing, disruptive and contentious obsession with these racial notions of integration. Without the churches promoting this false theology of racial equality, the immigration and integration agenda would crumble.

Although the Catholic religion has always been “universal” and inclusive of all races in its system, this inclusion idea for the evangelical Protestants can be traced back to the so-called “Great Awakening” periods. I discuss this in my book, The Greatest Deception of Our Time In chapter 13, under the sub-heading “Toward ‘Personal Salvation’ ” I wrote:

“The doctrine of personal salvation that came out of the Great Awakenings promoted that race was not important in respect to “salvation.” Race mattered socially, but not spiritually. The material body or race was of no account spiritually. Anyone could be saved and go to heaven after they died and, thus, be of equal status in heaven in God’s sight. Only the “spiritual” aspect was necessary to have Whites and Negroes join together as equals – in heaven.” – p. 96

The Great Awakening periods in America launched the Protestant Missionary Movement:

“The backdrop of the First and Second Great Awakenings (1730-40s and 1790-1840s respectively) provided an all-inclusive theology for missionary endeavors. This theology emphasized the personal gospel, universal spiritual equality in heaven and legitimization of black churches, eventually fueling Protestant foreign missions.” – Ibid., p. 103

From the famous missionary pioneer William Carey to the major missionary enterprise today, the racial equality and integration movement is solidly in place.

As long as there is this power of religious sanction, the global and communist racial integration agenda will seek to overwhelm us all. Racial strife, hatred, and violence will continue unabated because it is fueled by politics and religion based on false theology. And the White people will be the ones who will be blamed and suffer the consequences as well.

Whites Are to Blame

Listen, for example, to this piece of rhetoric out of the magazine, Christianity Today:

“Mainstream white evangelicals have experienced collective ‘God moments.’ In the 1970s, few churches concerned themselves with the relief of world hunger. Then Ron Sider wrote Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, and before long, we just assumed that evangelicals should be concerned about hunger. Before Roe v. Wade, abortion was sidelined as a Catholic concern. But after the advocacy of Francis Schaeffer and others, we quickly saw the great evil that abortion is. These were God moments—times when our Lord graciously gave us moral clarity about an issue he was calling us to engage.

“We are currently experiencing a new ‘God moment,’ when God is shining his burning light on how our nation and our churches are fractured by racial division and injustice. In the past two years, we’ve seen image after image of injustice perpetrated against black Americans. We’ve studied the statistics. And most important, we’ve heard the anguished cry of a suffering community that is understandably hurting, angry, and demanding progress….

“Yes, we know about the ‘white evangelicals’ talked about in the media—many of whom are unchurched conservative Christians weary of being politically and socially marginalized. They long to make America great again, which unfortunately seems to involve marginalizing those who are not white. They may affirm with us biblical authority, the uniqueness of Christ, and the power of the Cross. But to the extent that they remain deaf about racial injustice and reconciliation as gospel priorities, they do not represent the best of the evangelical tradition.” – Mark Galli, “Evangelicals and Race,” August 22, 2016 – ChristianityToday.com

Once again, the problem for all that so-called “racial injustice” against blacks is put upon White evangelicals. Don’t you see? White people are the problem and they must change.

Support from Biblical Theology?

In the above-mentioned article assumed conclusions about what the Bible says and means attempt to justify racial equality and integration:

“We’ve started to see afresh the vision of nations united at Pentecost (Acts 2), of all the peoples worshiping the Lamb before the throne of God (Rev. 4), of all parts of the body saying to each other, ‘I have need of you’ (1 Cor. 12). We’ve seen again the relevance of Paul’s teaching that Christ has broken down the dividing wall between peoples (Eph. 2–3). We’ve been convicted for neglecting these teachings in ways that have led to subtle and overt acts of racism.” – Ibid.

I demonstrate in the Covenant Heritage Series that these are false conclusions without any contextual support from the Bible.

In the recent inaugural prayer breakfast with President Trump, attendees included “different ethnicities.”

The “overall theme of the breakfast was to promote prayer and unity” in which “the niece of iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. reminded the prayer breakfast audience that America can “never be great until the yolk of racism is broken.” – “Trump Prayer Breakfast Attendees Leave with Hope for Unity and ‘Positive Christian Progression,’ ” – ChristianPost.com

She went on to further cite Acts 17:26 as the foundation for racial equality and integration:

“… It was of ‘one blood’ that ‘God made all the people to live together on the face of the Earth,’ ” she said. – Ibid.

The Christian Post article also quoted a White couple from Illinois who traveled to attend the prayer breakfast:

“We are all one blood and we have to realize that if we will change this nation back, we have to be all together.” – Ibid.

One blood? Such racially-inclusive assumptions of theology are entrenched in modern religion. But they violate the context of the entire Bible. There is no biblical justification for this false theology of racial equality and integration.

Unfortunately, and with personal sorrow and regret, I found by experience that I am forced to bypass the religious powers and celebrities of our time and go directly to the People of the holy Covenants. But nothing is new under the sun, for Jesus Christ and His Apostles had to do the same thing.

May the God of our fathers grant His abundant grace and mercy to His blood-bought People.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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