Deadly Presumptions

If I were to reduce all the symptomatic problems and fundamental issues of our time down to one thing it would be this. Almost all of what people think the Bible says and means is based on deadly presumptions. Even the most exalted biblical scholars of today approach interpretation of the written Word based on unproven assumptions. As a result, what they presume the Bible says and means is fundamentally and completely wrong. Thus, their “world view” or understanding is so completely false that they cannot see the nature and remedies of the ongoing, unresolvable, destructive and deadly problems that surround us. And worse, many religious “experts” convincingly support and promote ongoing, destructive policies and behavior such as flooding our land with foreign “refugees” and all manner of distribution of wealth, for example. And look at the consequences today.


Name a problem or issue of our day and you can trace it back to those presumptions which have resulted in a misunderstanding of what God has revealed:

  • Failing monetary system
  • Failing welfare system
  • Oppressive “income” tax
  • The “Just Us” justice system
  • Racial strife and violence
  • Unrestrained and unlawful immigration
  • Sexual perversion of every kind

And the list goes on. This is a short list, but even so, the destructive consequences are apparent for those with eyes to see.

Deadly Presumptions

How did things get so out of control? Unproven, fundamental deadly presumptions.

In my last article, I discussed that the identity of God’s Covenant People is paramount to beginning to effectively address the problems and issues of our day. As long as the presumption that the Jews are God’s chosen people is maintained, we will continue on our destructive course.

Here are more unproven presumptions:

  • All races came from Adam
  • All races originated from the families of Noah’s three sons
  • Abraham was a Jew
  • “Jews” means Israel and “Gentiles” means everyone else on the planet
  • The New Covenant is for everyone
  • All people of every race have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God
  • God loves every person on the planet
  • The laws of God are no longer relevant because they have been “nailed to the cross”
  • Anybody can become a “spiritual Israelite”

I submit that unless these presumptions are proven beyond a reasonable doubt, they are false. Therefore, any attempt to interpret the Bible by them will be false. They are deadly presumptions.

Ultimately no attempt to correct and remedy the massive problems we face today will work. They may work temporarily and to a point, but the fundamental reasons or causes of the problems will never be permanently solved until these presumptions are either proven or discarded.

Presumptions must be recognized. If they are not proven to be true, they must be completely discarded. Otherwise, what God has said according to the Scripture will be completely misconstrued. Believing presumed “truths” that are actually lies leads to disorder and every possible wickedness – all as a result of deadly presumptions.

Private Interpretation

I was talking to a friend of mine recently and we were discussing the New Covenant. Although it was undisputed that the New Covenant was only for the house of Israel and the house of Judah, he simply dismissed it saying, “I choose to believe that it is open to everyone.” I choose to believe? Based on what? In this case, it was his unproven presumption that all races must be equal and loved in God’s sight.

This, and every other unproven assumption, is nothing less than private or personal interpretation.

“… no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation” (II Peter 1:20).

The Apostle Peter went on to write that in such a case, there were “false prophets” and “false teachers … who introduce destructive heresies…” (II Peter 2:1).

Presumptive, personal interpretations result in destruction. And that is what we are witnessing today right before our eyes. But this is not new. This has been going on for centuries and millennia – since the gospel was first preached by Jesus Christ and His Apostles in the first century.

You would think that with all the modern-day scholarship available that they would have gotten it right by now. But there is more confusion now than ever.

Throughout the Covenant Heritage Series I have been diligent to apply the basic rules of interpretation and let the Bible speak for itself. My goal is to teach how to do this for yourself. You don’t have to be dependent on hoping the “experts” are telling you the truth. Knowing what the Bible says and means is not that difficult!

Every presumption must be scrutinized and proven to be true, correct and certain or discarded.

Either we begin to interpret the Bible correctly or allow unproven deadly presumptions to dictate our course.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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