Can America and Other Israelite Nations Be Transformed?

I have been invited to speak at a conference coming up in April in Branson, Missouri along with other pastors.  I wanted to give you a preview of what I will be talking about.  I am going to be asking and discussing “The Two Most Important Questions” that should be asked by every individual. They are life-changing questions. I hope to add some insight on these questions from the Bible. I have great expectation that the God of our fathers will come in power upon His Covenant People at this conference. But first, let me offer a preliminary, background question to my topic for this conference:  Can America and other Israelite nations be transformed?

Where We Are At

From 1996 to the present, I have studied and collected public documentation on what has gone on and continues to manifest as an all-encompassing, global control. Almost every area of life is increasingly affected: electronic, usury debt/credit economic system, environment, education, legal, religion, and global government are among the main categories with numerous sub-categories under each one. And let’s not forget the multicultural, diversity and inclusion programs that have infiltrated our lands. It is a present on-going process and it is real.

My conclusion is that this global steamroller agenda has been, is, and will continue to be implemented unto a planned, orchestrated destruction of God’s true Covenant People. No political or ecclesiastical powers are able to stop it and most promote this agenda. And the vast majority are so deceived now, they can’t see the problem nor can they comprehend the consequences.

As it stands now, our historic White nations are finished and there is no remedy except physical conflict. We will not survive, unless….

Is There An Answer?

Yes, there is. First, we have to realize that we are in the final stages of the demise of the People of the Covenants. This destruction has been quietly and steadily progressing for decades and even centuries. So, in other words, there is no way out of this mess unless one of two things happens:

  1. Either Jesus comes back real soon in a global display of power to rescue His People and slay our enemies, or
  2. We take up the mantle of our responsibilities and obligations as Christian men and women to do what God has commissioned us to do in the first place.

And what is that? Start, form and develop local churches to transform our local counties, provinces, towns and cities. It is only through the God-ordained local assemblies where He dwells in power that God has chosen to use to rebuild and restore and manifest the Kingdom of God. Read Ephesians. It’s all right there!

Churches? What Churches?

There is no power on the planet that can compare with a local church – that is a true biblical church. Jesus said that “the gates of hell” cannot prevail against His true local churches (Matthew 16:18). There are many so-called “churches” out there – thousands of them. All of them are powerless to transform anything of consequence in respect to the Kingdom.

Biblical churches are defined by biblical theology. If we don’t have the theology right in the first place – forget it! In light of biblical theology I conclude that there are precious few churches in existence today. We need to know what a church is, how it should operate, and what its purpose is. We need renewal in our minds about God’s revelation regarding His church if we are to discover real hope of transformation of our lands.

The other key factor is that we need churches that are communities. By that I mean, integrated and interdependent people comprising a church body that demonstrates to the surrounding people in a local area what a true, biblical community can be. The local community, in effect, becomes a self-sustaining and self-perpetuating living assembly as an example of what the Kingdom of God should look like. All areas are addressed and implemented – economics, education, health care, government, law and so forth.

What If?

If local churches started being formed and established, could the local areas in which we live begin to be transformed? Why not? We just need God’s perspective and begin to dream about what could be. Jesus said that if we have faith, nothing is impossible!

What if everything I just told you was true? What if it is possible? What if this is the way God intended it to be?

You have a purpose. You have a mission. You need a vision. Nothing is impossible.  Just believe!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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