Immigration and Christianity Today

Foreign immigration, especially regarding so-called “refugees” and Sanctuary Cities, is a topic now of legal battles and violent street demonstrations. Oh how the liberal media, education gurus and compromised politicians are roused to contempt and seething hatred for President Trump and his action to halt this insane immigration flow. Never mind that immigration is one of the big reasons the people voted Mr. Trump into office. Most realize this country is at the brink of national suicide because of these globalist policies. But it’s just not the secular forces that try to stand in the way of a needed reversal of policy – it’s the modern-day religious opinion leaders such as Christianity Today.

Corrupted Christianity

What passes for “Christianity” in America is utterly shameful. So-called “Christian” leaders and opinion makers openly and proudly declare the virtues of racial integration and equality as the reason why they support and promote foreign immigration. Their unbiblical theology has done more to create a racially and culturally-mixed country since at least 1965 than all the government, business and education policies and edicts put together. Let’s call it for what it is: Judaic, Talmudic, Communist “Christianity”.

Immigration and Christianity Today

Periodically I receive an online magazine called Christianity Today. In the most recent issue, there were several articles denouncing President Trump’s anti-immigration order. One article was by the Editor in Chief, Mark Galli, entitled, “A Psalm for the Refugee Crisis in America.” He starts out quoting Psalm 37:1-4, implying Mr. Trump as one who is “evil” and “who do wrong.” He goes on to add:

“It nearly goes without saying that the sweeping, ill-planned, and draconian order about refugees, to use the psalmist’s words, constitutes a wrong… But even many conservatives are calling Trump’s move ‘wrong.’  I agree with Brenden O’Neill at the libertarian rag spiked, ‘It is the lowest form of gesture politics: the swipe of a pen intended to demonstrate all-American strength, yet really signaling a stunning disregard for the American spirit of liberty and tradition of providing a home for the repressed of the globe.’ ”

America “a home for the repressed of the globe”? If it isn’t obvious by now that modern “Christian” voices are just another mouthpiece of propaganda for “no borders” and unfettered globalism, I don’t know what is. Galli continues his nauseating diatribe:

“This is the awfulness of what has happened this weekend: Trump has exposed his authoritarian streak, and the left has exposed its inability to oppose such authoritarianism in a real, connecting, positive way. We have the theatre of Trump’s strongman act, and the hysteria of a radical take on the politics of fear. Between theatre and hysteria, there has got to be something else: reason, perhaps, and principle, and a true, fear-free moral case for liberty.

“Those who have been set free in Christ are, of all people, passionate about making a ‘moral case for liberty,’ not just for ourselves but for those fleeing oppressive tyranny. – Mark Galli,, January 30, 2017

“Reason,” “principle” and a “moral case for liberty” – it sounds righteous but it is only misplaced altruism.

Another article, “6 Things Your Church Can Do During The Refugee Ban,” encourages churches to get involved by supporting “refugee resettlements agencies” like World Relief, Lutheran World Relief, and Church World Services, and also by helping refugees overseas with funds and volunteer work. –

If others want to go over to another country and help out, I have no problem with that. As a matter of fact, why don’t these kumbaya, nauseating, altruistic “Christians” go all the way. Why not take the refugees already here and bring them into their own homes, feed them, clothe them and whatever. Don’t just place them in some taxpayer funded Sanctuary City or the like for someone else to take care of. No, no. Take them all into your homes and show them Christian compassion.

To Christianity Today and all those other stupid “Christians” I say, “Put your money where your mouth is. If you don’t, you’re nothing but a bunch of worthless charlatans.”

On the Path to National Suicide

Christianity Today challenges the “misinformation” on immigration and counsels us to “get the facts.” Are they denying the crime that goes on in those Sanctuary Cities? Many of them are now considered “no go” zones – even the police stay away.

What about the rapes that take place? How about the economic toll on Americans to support these foreigners.

“Immigration effectively redistributes half a trillion dollars from U.S. workers to the businesses that hire immigrants each year, Harvard economist and immigration and wages expert George Borjas testified before Congress Wednesday.

“Based on a supply and demand model, Borjas found an increased supply of immigrants competing in the U.S. job market does produce a net gain for current U.S. workers of about $50 billion a year. But that small gain in the context of an $18 trillion economy is far outweighed by a transfer of wealth from U.S. workers to the businesses that hire those immigrants that amounts to $500 billion dollars.

“ ‘What immigration really does is not so much increase the pie, as redistribute the wealth,’ Borjas testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest. ‘So what I’ve learned from all this is that immigration happens to come out to be just another government redistribution program.’ ” – Rachel Stolzfoos, Daily Caller, March 16, 2016,

Ah. Redistribution. Code word for Communism. Is that what Christianity Today is advocating? Yes!

How about the costs of welfare for immigrants?

“In September 2015, the Center for Immigration Studies published a landmark study of immigration and welfare use, showing that 51 percent of immigrant-headed households used at least one federal welfare program — cash, food, housing, or medical care — compared to 30 percent of native households. Following similar methodology, this new study examines the dollar cost of that welfare use.” – Jason Richwine, PhD, National Review, May 2016,, The Cost of Welfare Use By Immigrant and Native Households

You can find the rest of the economic statistics from The Center for Immigration Studies article.

Let’s briefly discuss Sanctuary Cities. In a recent article, Tom Tancredo documents the cost of over 300 Sanctuary Cities costing State and local taxpayers over $7,000,000,000 annually. That’s over 7 Billion Dollars! But that’s not all:

“…the fact that local governments hide these cost figures is symptomatic of the deeper problem. Too many local officials want all the political benefits of claiming to be the protector of ‘our immigrant community’ while hiding the costs of protecting criminal aliens.” – Tom Tancredo,, January 28, 2017, “Tancredo: Over 300 Sanctuary Cities Are Costing State and Local Taxpayers over $7,000,000,000 Annually”

In other words, taxpayers, the productive citizens, shoulder the financial burden of immigrants in order to feed, clothe, house and protect the “criminal aliens.”

What God Has Said

Racial and cultural immigration and integration are unbiblical. God has called His holy covenant People to be a separate People. Mixing is not of God. It does not, and never will work.

“Therefore, come out from their midst and be separate, says the Lord. And do not touch what is unclean; and I will welcome you.” – II Corinthians 6:17

This is not just about preserving the racial and spiritual heritage of God’s chosen (and they aren’t the “Jews”), it is about how God created things and His plan to manifest His Kingdom. God has a clear purpose, plan and order. And that plan does not include racial integration and equality.

Christianity Today and modern “Christian” thinking is based on satanic theology and not the Holy Scriptures. So, get educated and commit to learn what the Bible actually says and means. A great starting place is the Covenant Heritage Series.

I am the Lord your GodYou shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generation of those who hate Me.” – Exodus 20:2-5

For you are a holy people to the Lord your God; the Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.” – Deuteronomy 7:6

Don’t compromise.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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False Theology of Racial Equality

Controversy and protests rage over the recent executive order by President Trump to put a stop to the refugee immigration process. The Wall Street monopoly has also expressed their displeasure with a big drop in the market. Racism, hate, and bigotry are the ever-present watch words blathered all over the corrupt and controlled media covering staged protest events from our land to Europe. But it’s not just about letting Muslims in our country for another free ride on the backs of White Americans. No. At the heart of it is this destructive and false theology of racial equality and integration supported by Catholic and evangelical Protestant religions.

False Theology of Racial Equality as the Foundation

The point is this. But for the promotion of this false theology of racial equality by so-called “Christian” religions, and their unqualified condemnation of anyone who would disagree with their self-righteous theological position, we would NOT have this increasing, disruptive and contentious obsession with these racial notions of integration. Without the churches promoting this false theology of racial equality, the immigration and integration agenda would crumble.

Although the Catholic religion has always been “universal” and inclusive of all races in its system, this inclusion idea for the evangelical Protestants can be traced back to the so-called “Great Awakening” periods. I discuss this in my book, The Greatest Deception of Our Time In chapter 13, under the sub-heading “Toward ‘Personal Salvation’ ” I wrote:

“The doctrine of personal salvation that came out of the Great Awakenings promoted that race was not important in respect to “salvation.” Race mattered socially, but not spiritually. The material body or race was of no account spiritually. Anyone could be saved and go to heaven after they died and, thus, be of equal status in heaven in God’s sight. Only the “spiritual” aspect was necessary to have Whites and Negroes join together as equals – in heaven.” – p. 96

The Great Awakening periods in America launched the Protestant Missionary Movement:

“The backdrop of the First and Second Great Awakenings (1730-40s and 1790-1840s respectively) provided an all-inclusive theology for missionary endeavors. This theology emphasized the personal gospel, universal spiritual equality in heaven and legitimization of black churches, eventually fueling Protestant foreign missions.” – Ibid., p. 103

From the famous missionary pioneer William Carey to the major missionary enterprise today, the racial equality and integration movement is solidly in place.

As long as there is this power of religious sanction, the global and communist racial integration agenda will seek to overwhelm us all. Racial strife, hatred, and violence will continue unabated because it is fueled by politics and religion based on false theology. And the White people will be the ones who will be blamed and suffer the consequences as well.

Whites Are to Blame

Listen, for example, to this piece of rhetoric out of the magazine, Christianity Today:

“Mainstream white evangelicals have experienced collective ‘God moments.’ In the 1970s, few churches concerned themselves with the relief of world hunger. Then Ron Sider wrote Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, and before long, we just assumed that evangelicals should be concerned about hunger. Before Roe v. Wade, abortion was sidelined as a Catholic concern. But after the advocacy of Francis Schaeffer and others, we quickly saw the great evil that abortion is. These were God moments—times when our Lord graciously gave us moral clarity about an issue he was calling us to engage.

“We are currently experiencing a new ‘God moment,’ when God is shining his burning light on how our nation and our churches are fractured by racial division and injustice. In the past two years, we’ve seen image after image of injustice perpetrated against black Americans. We’ve studied the statistics. And most important, we’ve heard the anguished cry of a suffering community that is understandably hurting, angry, and demanding progress….

“Yes, we know about the ‘white evangelicals’ talked about in the media—many of whom are unchurched conservative Christians weary of being politically and socially marginalized. They long to make America great again, which unfortunately seems to involve marginalizing those who are not white. They may affirm with us biblical authority, the uniqueness of Christ, and the power of the Cross. But to the extent that they remain deaf about racial injustice and reconciliation as gospel priorities, they do not represent the best of the evangelical tradition.” – Mark Galli, “Evangelicals and Race,” August 22, 2016 –

Once again, the problem for all that so-called “racial injustice” against blacks is put upon White evangelicals. Don’t you see? White people are the problem and they must change.

Support from Biblical Theology?

In the above-mentioned article assumed conclusions about what the Bible says and means attempt to justify racial equality and integration:

“We’ve started to see afresh the vision of nations united at Pentecost (Acts 2), of all the peoples worshiping the Lamb before the throne of God (Rev. 4), of all parts of the body saying to each other, ‘I have need of you’ (1 Cor. 12). We’ve seen again the relevance of Paul’s teaching that Christ has broken down the dividing wall between peoples (Eph. 2–3). We’ve been convicted for neglecting these teachings in ways that have led to subtle and overt acts of racism.” – Ibid.

I demonstrate in the Covenant Heritage Series that these are false conclusions without any contextual support from the Bible.

In the recent inaugural prayer breakfast with President Trump, attendees included “different ethnicities.”

The “overall theme of the breakfast was to promote prayer and unity” in which “the niece of iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. reminded the prayer breakfast audience that America can “never be great until the yolk of racism is broken.” – “Trump Prayer Breakfast Attendees Leave with Hope for Unity and ‘Positive Christian Progression,’ ” –

She went on to further cite Acts 17:26 as the foundation for racial equality and integration:

“… It was of ‘one blood’ that ‘God made all the people to live together on the face of the Earth,’ ” she said. – Ibid.

The Christian Post article also quoted a White couple from Illinois who traveled to attend the prayer breakfast:

“We are all one blood and we have to realize that if we will change this nation back, we have to be all together.” – Ibid.

One blood? Such racially-inclusive assumptions of theology are entrenched in modern religion. But they violate the context of the entire Bible. There is no biblical justification for this false theology of racial equality and integration.

Unfortunately, and with personal sorrow and regret, I found by experience that I am forced to bypass the religious powers and celebrities of our time and go directly to the People of the holy Covenants. But nothing is new under the sun, for Jesus Christ and His Apostles had to do the same thing.

May the God of our fathers grant His abundant grace and mercy to His blood-bought People.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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The Media: Beyond Fake News

Last Friday, my wife and I were trying to enjoy the inauguration ceremony and parade afterwards, but it was quite annoying to listen to the constant commentary of the media “experts” prattle on about President Trump. Instead of simply telling us about the events as they unfolded, they went on and on about their opinions and perspective on Mr. Trump – most of which was negative. We could see what they were trying to do: interpret for us what we should be thinking. This was beyond fake news. It was a deliberate propaganda to influence how we should perceive who Trump is and what he said and so forth. It was annoying, to say the least.

Beyond Fake News – The Real Role of the Media

Unfortunately, there are still those people out there who are usually taken in by the media and think just like the media wants them to think. But more and more people have seen through this veil of deception and are getting more adept at recognizing “the spin” the media brings. That’s one of the reasons the “alternative media” has gained popularity.

It is true the major, well-funded media has no problem dishing out “fake news” taking many forms, from outright lies to partial truths with significant facts left out of a story. The media are not truth-tellers. They are not about to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Why? Because that’s not their role.  Their job is to manipulate the minds of the public to conform to ungodly, liberal, politically-correct ideas. It is all one-sided, but of course, they don’t want you to think so. They’re “fair and balanced” – right?

The media’s other role is to agitate. This includes many areas, but foremost is racial agitation. The media takes any opportunity to pit blacks and other races against Whites. The media loves it, and of course, it is never favorable for the Whites. There are two reasons, I believe, for this racial agitation:  1) to denigrate and suppress White people; and 2) to keep promoting “diversity” and integration. Lift up the non-White races and send the White people running for cover, cowering in fear of being called “racists” and “haters.” The media likes to “stir the pot.”

The Set-Up

I’ll give you a good example of this. We were watching a rather decent interview with Donald Trump’s son by a CBS black female. This was aired in the evening on inauguration day. Just when the peoples’ guard was let down, CBS followed with a pre-recorded interview of a group of racially diverse 10-year-olds. All were non-White and from other countries with the exception of one White boy. They were picked out from an elementary school in Maryland. They were asked what they felt when they heard Mr. Trump would become President. They all responded with obviously well-rehearsed opinions. Every one of them said they were worried that many immigrants would be sent out of the country and they were individually living in “fear” of what he might do.

I can’t tell you how outraged my wife and I were at this unconscionable piece of media propaganda. But, that’s its role. The media must go beyond fake news to agitate in order to maintain and protect diversity. All attempts will be made now to protest and win over the White Americans to maintain and promote racial diversity and integration.

Behind the Media

How is the major media and their fake news so well-coordinated and funded? Apart from the drug companies who fork over millions of dollars daily to run their drug ads, major media has always been funded and controlled by the international banking system.

In America, as far back as Alexander Hamilton, the controlled media was always supportive of the big banking elite. Their goal? To enslave the People of the United States by controlling their currency through their banking monopoly.

Their further goal is one-world economy and government which includes the achievement of racial equality, diversity and integration. Of course, that won’t work ultimately because such a scheme defies natural law. So they, through their media, must lie and manipulate the news. They are the creators of fake news. And through their government they must also create laws to force White people to capitulate to the diversity and integration programs.

So, be vigilant to be wise and discerning about what you see and hear. Remember the media is not your friend – especially if you love and seek the truth. They have another agenda.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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The Nature of Law for Donald Trump and Us

Donald Trump is about to take the oath of the office of President of the United States. Is he for real or is he a part of an elaborate hoax to make it look real planned years ago? Will he try to right the ship or will he continue the course to plunge America deeper into Communist globalism? Will he “make America great again”? I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’ll find out. The nature of law will tell the tale.

One thing is for certain. It’s not up to Donald Trump to save the world. It’s up to you and me to be bold to expose wickedness, stand in its way and reinstate righteousness, order and peace in the city, country or town where we live.

The Nature of Law

In order to do that, we must be knowledgeable about what is going on in our neck of the woods and we must know the truth. And to know the truth, we must know what the Bible says and means. In the Bible you will find the truth defined in biblical laws. It’s in God-ordained laws that we find the nature of law, that is, how things are supposed to work and why they don’t.

The nature of law reveals that when an individual life, marriage, family or government is in a state of chaos and disorder.  It is a sign that some law has been transgressed. Peace and order can be restored if that particular law is obeyed and carried out. That’s the unalterable nature of law.

The Law of Money

The nature of law reveals what is wrong and why. For example, take the law of just weights and measures based on the commandment “You shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15). Though most people are not necessarily conscious of the inflation that is unjustly stealing their labor, the majority feel it unconsciously. Many are having a difficult time trying to “make ends meet.” This adversity has negative consequences on one’s well-being and adds undo pressure to family life. Both parents feel they have to work just to make it and their children suffer. Not much time left over except to work. Everybody is “chasing the rabbit.”

We got into this position a long time ago when Congress, in 1913, abdicated its duty under law to coin Money (just weights and measures) and gave the power to issue currency to a private banking elite (the Federal Reserve Bank). As a result, the power to control the People of the United States was handed over to the bankers. They can manipulate the economy to cause prosperity or bankruptcy. As a result, people’s lives are thrown into chaos and disorder at a whim.

The nature of law always explains that certain conditions reveal that a law has been violated or obeyed.

The Law of Sexual Conduct

And then there is the nature of law regarding sexual conduct. The law of God and of nature, therefore, reveals the truth that a heterosexual relationship is good. It provides for peace and order and blessing.

Violation of that law, such as expressed in the homosexual movement and other such perversions, results in deterioration and destruction of everything good. The nature of law is always consistent and the results speak for themselves.

Forces against the Nature of Law

Donald Trump, no matter how good his intentions may be, will probably have little effect on the “progressive” powerful forces that march on to try to defy and overthrow God’s laws and natural law.

If you believe that the powers-that-be will stop their agenda because of President Trump and throw in the towel, then you’re dreaming. They are not going to hand over the scepter to Mr. Trump any time soon.

The avowed enemies of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom are not interested in compromise. No. Their intent is to literally destroy all opposition to their schemes. It is a fight to the death.

We Have a Choice

So, we have a choice now – an opportunity. Either we commit to enter into this war, or ignore it and back off.

I am confident, however, and optimistic that Jesus Christ and His Covenant People can and will defeat the present-day haters of the laws of God. Where do we begin? First, we must know the Word of God – what it says and means. Second, we must search out opportunities to get informed about what is going on around us. Third, we must inform our civil leaders what God’s law says on the issues at hand and hold them accountable.

Transformation is up to us in the Name and Power of Jesus Christ.


By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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Is Jesus Coming Soon?

Is Jesus coming soon? Are we living in the “last days”? What are the latest signs that we are now in the “end times”? Could we be in “the tribulation” period? Do you think Donald Trump could be the anti-Christ? Will there be a future destruction of the physical planet and universe replaced with a “new heaven and earth”? What is the biblical story of prophecy?

There is perhaps no subject more compelling, more preached about and discussed than the so-called “second coming” of Jesus Christ. There is also nothing more speculative. This prophetic subject, since AD 44 until the present day, has been of intense interest, peppered with numerous predictions about when Jesus would come again. And, there are many opinions about the prophetic future.

Is Jesus Coming Soon?

The Biblical Story of Prophecy (Book Six in the Covenant Heritage Series) will address and answer one question. Is Jesus coming soon? According to the evidence of the biblical and historical context of the New Testament, what is the time frame of the coming of Jesus Christ? We anticipate this book will be ready for distribution in the late Spring of 2017.

Two Critical Factors

We believe that the reason there are so many differing and conflicting beliefs about Jesus’ coming is that two indispensable factors have rarely been taken into consideration. First, the context of the whole Bible is not understood by the vast majority of Catholics and Protestants. Unless it is correctly discerned, the many New Testament passages about Jesus’ coming will be grossly misunderstood. This is why we wrote Books One through Four of the Covenant Heritage Series. Prophecy must be interpreted in light of the overall context of the Bible.

The second factor involves many aspects of interpreting the language of prophecy. One of the most predominant mistakes that many people make regarding prophecy is to interpret it from a Western material and literal viewpoint. Disregarding the many examples of prophetic language and imagery results in further misunderstanding and misapplication of prophecy.

Our Approach

Correctly understanding what Jesus and His Apostles taught about His coming is centered on the foundation of the most important principle of interpretation. This one principle is, perhaps, the most overlooked and disregarded one of all. And without the strict, unfailing application of this one principle, all the New Testament passages on the coming of Jesus will be distorted in respect to their intended meaning.

What is that one principle? We would like to tell you, but you will have to wait to read the book. All we can tell you now is that it will be worth the wait.


What we can tell you is the very important significance of this question regarding the time frame of Jesus’ coming. What you think about the future will determine the perspective you have regarding the present reality. For example, if you believe that the national and global economy will completely implode in October of 2017, then that will contribute to how you see your present situation and what you will need to do to prepare. What you think about the future determines what you think about the present time. Answering the question about the time frame of Jesus return is fundamental to your present perspective of life for you and your family.


This book, The Biblical Story of Prophecy, also will help answer the question of your life’s purpose. Who are you? Why were you created? What are you supposed to be doing and why? The question and answer about the time frame of the coming of Jesus Christ may just help you find your purpose.


Stay tuned for future updates about our preparations to release The Biblical Story of Prophecy. It’s been two years in the making as we researched this important subject. We are excited that its publication is “at hand.”

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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The Truth about Racial Equality and Integration

Racial equality and integration must be pursued by the highly controlled media, government, educational and religious institutions. It is the obsessive intent of these pillars of social engineering to equalize and integrate the races no matter what the consequences that might result. I want to provide a brief updated list of illustrations that I have become aware of recently that, once again, demonstrate the reality of the racial equality and integration movement. Of course, the following is only a scintilla of the evidence of this ridiculously insane movement.


The most up-to-date statistics, Color of Crime,  was released last fall that will never be acknowledged or discussed by the lying, morally deficient media, government, education and religious world system. So, don’t expect them to.

Added to this, recently two Negros abducted two men in Indiana, beat them and forced them to strip naked and fight each other.

“The victims told police they were asked to come to a home on Madison Court where they were beaten with a baseball bat and forced to remove their clothing while the brothers demanded that they confess to the break-in [that they did not commit] and threatened to kill them. The two were then forced to fight each other at gun point, according to court documents.” – by Katie Cox, Dec. 21, 2016,

New details of the kidnapping emerged, except the news reports never said whether the victims were White men or not. So, I emailed one of the reporters on the case on this question. He did not respond. In other words, the victims were White.

Of course, had White guys been the criminal perpetrators and the victims Negros, it would have been global headlines for weeks. But you won’t hear much more about this case. It will be buried.

* * * * * * * *

Most White people are unaware of the non-White criminal gangs and what they are doing. Seems other White lands also have the same problem – like in Melbourne, Australia.

“Melbourne, Australia—The spike in street crime to more than one million incidents in the last year is largely due to the activities of ‘Apex’ gang whose members are all from a ‘Sudanese refugee background,’ police say…

According to a report on Australia’s 7 News, police have blamed the Apex gang for what they say is an ‘alarming spike’ in violent crime in Melbourne, with Victoria’s crime rate soaring by 12.4 percent in the past year.

“7 News said that the one million recorded offences have led to ‘claims young thieves are running riot on the suburbs.’

“Car thefts are up 22 percent across Victoria, while house burglaries have increased almost 14 percent.

“Weapons and explosives offences have soared 18.5 percent, theft has increased 16 percent, and drug use and possession is up 13.4 percent. Reported family violence offences have also jumped 10 percent since last year, the figures also revealed…

“We are finding that we are arresting the same young people again and again and again…We’re hearing it’s easier for them to deal drugs than to deal with the bureaucracy of Centrelink’ [the job agency]. For them it’s easier to steal than to work.” – by TNO Staff, July 24, 2016,

What’s the problem? Never will you hear the media tell you it’s an immigration problem nor will the government or churches demand the remedy to the problem, which is to round them up and ship them out. I discuss the non-White gang problem in America in Book Five of the Covenant Heritage Series, The Greatest Deception of Our Time

Another “Hate” Hoax

It was reported that “a black Mississippi church” was burned. So, the Negro mayor of Leland, Mississippi “who took office several months ago on a pledge of racial unity – urged officials to investigate it as a possible hate crime.”  The FBI was more than willing to get involved. They love that sort of thing.

But the problem was that a Negro male was arrested and charged with “first-degree arson.” Oops. Ah, no – it wasn’t a White hate crime after all. The mayor assumed it was a White crime. Isn’t that called “racial profiling”?

“Chris Orr, a Greenville resident and former police officer for the city, expressed frustration over the mayor’s early words about the fire.  ‘I have a lot of respect for the mayor,’ Orr, who is white, said Thursday. “But, classifying this as a hate crime of a ‘historically black church in a black community’ before the investigation even got going good was basically profiling the suspect as a white person, whether he directly said it or not.’” – by Emily Wagster Pettus, Dec. 22, 2016,

What a major disappointment it must have been for the racial-trolling liberal media. But this racial ‘hate” hoax stuff happens all the time.


The ongoing occupant of the White House (not gone soon enough) has for the last eight years made it his policy to flood this historic White nation with foreign immigrants from all over the globe. At every turn, in every category, Obongo has promoted and advanced all non-Whites at the expense of White people. (I discuss this, too, at length in my book, The Greatest Deception of Our Time.

So, back in 2016 in a commencement address at the all Negro Howard University he boasted to the graduating class:

“Be confident in your heritage. Be confident in your blackness.” – by Leah Donnella, May 10, 2016,

If this guy is so racially neutral, why is he saying this? Why not leave race out of it? The answer is because Obongo was promoting racial consciousness for Negros, but he can get away with it because he claims he’s a Negro and he was addressing Negros. But never would he give equal treatment to Whites. That would be unspeakable in this racial equality and integration movement.

Then, just recently, he gave one of his last interviews in which he gloated:

“With respect to how we deal with each other, the demographics of the country are going to change. It’s inevitable. The Latino community in America is going to grow. If you stopped all immigration today, just by virtue of birth rates, this is going to be a browner country.” – Transcript, December 19, 2016,

That’s one of the main reasons Obongo was in office for an embarrassing eight years. He loves to screw White people! He was the perfect agent for “Hope and Change.” Hope for a radical change for White America. More damage has been done than can be imagined – perhaps irreversible! But he’s right. At the rate of non-White foreign immigration and birthrates, it will be a majority brown country in the near future.

Professor Stupid

My last entry is about another brilliant professor, George Ciccariello-Maher, who tweeted on Christmas Eve, 2016: “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”  – Cristina Silva, International Business Times, December 26, 2016,

Associate professor of politics and global studies at Drexel University, George Ciccariello-Maher’s (who apparently can’t make up his mind on  his last name) comment was “condemned” by the University. “Utterly reprehensible and deeply disturbing,” they said. But is the esteemed professor going to get fired. Nope!

“The University vigorously supports the right of its faculty members and students to freely express their opinions in the course of academic debate and discussion,” Drexel President John Fry and Provost M. Brian Blake said in a statement. –

Last week, Drexel issued a new statement. The new statement offers milder criticism of Ciccariello-Maher and notes that there may be multiple ways to read his tweet. The statement says that “his words, taken at face value and shared in the constricted Twitter format, do not represent the values of inclusion and understanding espoused by Drexel University.” Further, the new statement says that “the wide range of reactions to his tweets suggests that his intentions were not adequately conveyed.” –, January 3, 2017

Are you kidding? White genocide is okay to espouse publicly, but not Negro or Jew genocide? Right? Imagine!

Now you know well enough the total hypocrisy of the insane, dirty, dishonest equality and integration movement. Kill Whitey!

No Apologies

Perhaps you got the idea I was just letting off a little steam in this article. I was and it felt really good – actually quite self-nurturing.

But my greater objective is to remind you of the conspiracy that is afoot with the clear intention to destroy the White race. No apologies from me. Stand firm, follow the truth, and give no quarter!


By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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Modern Theology of Race

The modern theology of race is expressed at every opportunity in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion. It always seems to be on the front burner of controlled media outlets, government edicts, and higher (or lower) education blessings – oh, and lest we forget, Catholic and Protestant holy pronouncements. The four pillars of social engineering dictating racial virtue and “truth” are ever thrust upon us all. And it’s all about theology.

Modern Theology of Race: Secular and Religious

There are two types of theology of race: the secular and the religious. Secular theology of race says that either there is no God, or god cannot be defined or known, or there are many gods. There are no absolutes (which is a self-contradiction). Truth is relative, that is, whatever is “your truth” is just fine as long as I can have “my truth.” In theory, secular theology therefore says that everything is equal and the only thing that counts is “love” (although love is never really defined). Thus, all races should be considered as equal and every culture recognized, admired, protected, promoted, and included in our historically White nations. That’s all based on a secular view of God or the gods or whatever.

The other modern theology of race is religious in nature. All races are equal here, too. Racial inclusion in the church is now of paramount importance. Why? Because God is declared to be the God of all “humans” (see my last article “Schizophrenic Theology”). He is the inclusive God and the God of “love” and “fairness.” The equal opportunity God.

The religious God agrees with the secular god(s) – all races and racial sub-types are equal in rank, importance, purpose, and ability. That’s the modern theology of race today.

The Exception

However, the modern theology of race has a bit of a problem. In order to achieve the manifestation of racial equality, the White race (particularly of Northwestern European stock) must necessarily be suppressed, excluded, denied, scorned and hated for any expression of White history and culture, natural ability and ingenuity, or anything else that is White. In reality, the modern theology of race is not equal for all – it’s only for the non-White people. To any honest person, this is a real contradiction and indictment on the modern theology of race, both secular and religious.

But Why?

That begs the question, Why is modern theology of race so two-faced on this issue? Nobody ever seems to ask or answer that question, perhaps because the secular and religious leaders are afraid of the answer. The answer is simple. Here it is.

Racial equality can never be achieved on an even playing field in a game played by the same rules and under the same circumstances. Whether competing for entrance to a top school or applying for a job or anything else, Whites must necessarily and purposefully be disadvantaged in some way. Why? Because White people, playing on the same playing field by the same rules and under the same circumstances, will most likely outperform non-Whites. Of course, there are individual exceptions, but generally speaking, Whites will be superior in performance.

So, White people must be turned back at every opportunity, blamed and made to feel guilty for being White and for their achievements as a people. At all costs, White people must be denied their history, heritage, purpose, destiny, and especially their God. As a result, there is no such thing as racial equality in this modern theology of race. Never was and never will be.

Biblical Theology about Race

What we are experiencing in the real world is due to this modern theology of race regarding racial equality and inclusion. However, this doctrine of racial equality is not supported by true biblical theology as laid out in the Covenant Heritage Series. The God of the Bible is the God of the covenant family of the race of Adam. The Bible is the history of the White race and its many nations, specifically the nations of the true, biblical Israelites (not the Jews). That race is positively identified as the White race of the Northwestern European people. The Bible is their book. It is not the history of the other non-White races nor is it for them.

God chose them because He loved their fathers (Deuteronomy 4:37). God loved them (Deuteronomy 7:7-8). God set them above all (Deuteronomy 26:18-19). That’s the God of the Bible. He created the covenant people, the nation of Israel, of Adam’s White race to administrate His Kingdom. There is no equality in His Kingdom.

The modern theology of race, therefore, is anti-God and anti-Kingdom of God.

In next week’s blog, I’m going to list the latest examples of the reality of race based on this modern theology of race.


By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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Schizophrenic Theology

I love theology! From the very beginning of my Christian life over 40 years ago, theology has been my life and passion. When I think about, study, talk and write about biblical theology I feel the pleasure of God. And especially in the past 20 years, the thrill of theology increases primarily because I have discovered that biblical theology from Genesis to Revelation is consistent. The unity and consistency of the Bible is amazing. But as a result of this study, I realize that the theology that is being taught today (and what I used to teach) is schizophrenic theology. I’ll explain that shortly.


I’m not saying everyone should be like me for, but every person should have a love for theology. Don’t be afraid or be put off by it thinking it is too complicated or a subject matter only for professional scholars and clergy. It’s not. And I have long believed that theology should be the responsibility of everyone – to know what the Bible says and what it means. Sometimes all that people need in order to become educated in theology is a little help on how to approach the Bible. That is why I am writing the Covenant Heritage Series.

Theology is the study of God – who He is, what He has said, what He has done and what He intends to do. God has revealed Himself to the people He chose and His unfolding plan and purpose of His Kingdom.

Who God Is

One of the most important questions that must be asked and answered is, Who is God? How does God identify Himself? This is so important!

When the Israelites were in bondage in the land of Egypt and they cried out to God for deliverance, God sent Moses. When God revealed Himself to Moses, Moses asked Him:

“Behold, I am going to the sons of Israel, and I will say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you.’ Now they may say to me, ‘What is His name?’ What shall I say to them?” – Exodus 3:13

God replied in two ways. First, He declared:

I AM Who I AM.” – verse 14

He was saying, I AM the self-existent One.

Second, God said:

“Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘The Lord, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.’ This is My name forever, and this is My memorial-name to all generations.” – verse 15

God specifically identified Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That was His “name forever … My memorial name to all generations” (Greek LXX: “for generations to generations”).

That is who God, the Lord, declared Himself to be. Throughout the Old Testament He never said anything different. That is the specific identification of who God is: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – and it was always to be so to their physical descendants.

Schizophrenic Theology

So, is the God of the Old Testament the same God of the New? The Scriptures consistently say that God does not change (see Malachi 3:6; James 1:17).

But for centuries since the New Testament was written, the church has been teaching that the identity of God has changed. They declare that God has changed from being the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to the God of all races and racial types. Today, they call them “spiritual Israel.” So, in the Old Testament God is specifically identified with a particular people, but in the New Testament God now has become the God of all races. Apparently, God has changed.

I call this schizophrenic theology. Schizophrenia is “a mental illness characterized by incoherent or illogical thoughts, bizarre behavior and speech, and delusions or hallucinations…” (American Psychological Association). Catholic and Protestant theologians all agree regarding who God is. They say that God is no longer the exclusive God if Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but the God of everybody on the planet. God has changed. Or, is this the result of incoherent or illogical thoughts and delusions characterized by “a mental illness” brought on by cultural delusions of equality and diversity due to gross misrepresentation of what the Bible actually says? Throw into the mix the misidentification of Israel today as the “Jews” and you really have a bizarre theology.

As Theology Goes …

Culture, in all its aspects, reflects theology. As theology goes, so goes everything else. If you don’t have theology right, nothing goes right. So, look around you. We don’t like to admit it, but we are an unrighteous, communist, police state – a country no longer reflecting true justice, peace and order. How did we get to this point? Theology! Something is wrong with modern-day “orthodox,” schizophrenic theology!

Let’s get back to a unified and consistent biblical theology based on the evidence of what the Bible says and means. Theology should be a priority with all of us who seek the truth of who God is and what He has revealed. I hope you will join me in discovering the truth and exposing this schizophrenic theology in order to re-establish God’s plan and purpose of manifesting His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  Start by ordering the Covenant Heritage Series and becoming trained in how to study the Bible.  Then, join us in educating God’s people by giving them these same tools.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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Finding Your Ultimate Purpose

We have a driving inner need and desire to live a life of ultimate purpose – to live a life of significance. It is often an unconscious drive, but in each individual we must know we are having a positive impact – to be a part of lasting transformation of someone or something. This is not just any ordinary purpose we yearn for, but a purpose greater than ourselves and far beyond our own natural abilities. It is finding your ultimate purpose.

We Need Life

We were born for it and it’s in our DNA. We live everyday searching to find it and fulfill it. In essence, it is life itself because its rewards are contentment and joy, stability and perspective. In it we find who we are, what we must do and where we are going. It is so critical and necessary for life, even more than sustaining food and water. When we find it, we would be willing to risk our lives to live in it.

Finding your ultimate purpose at once dispels fear and will overcome all obstacles. We are willing to leave all the rest of worldly pursuits behind. Mundane, halfhearted callings become a dust trail left behind the path of a higher calling. And what is most interesting is that personal problems and issues of life find their resolution in this sacred ultimate purpose.

Few Find Life

It is the highest calling, but it is entered through that narrow gate. It is lived out off the beaten path and the road rarely traveled. There are few who find that road and fewer that travel it to the end of their earthly life. As Jesus Christ said, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

The Master is looking for men and women of integrity who set their life to follow His purpose. These are the saints who have forsaken the pursuit of worldly pleasures and the praise of men. In the beginning, He chose a few followers who would follow His purpose – many at the expense of their own earthly life.

Unfortunately, many others since then have passionately pursued a purpose they thought or assumed was the Master’s purpose. They were misinformed and as a consequence, many suffered and died needlessly. They were misinformed because they did not know and understand the unfolding plan and purpose of the God of their fathers to establish and manifest His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

They failed to understand the gospel that Jesus Christ and His Apostles preached. They failed to grasp that it was the gospel or glad tiding of the Kingdom – a Kingdom of justice, peace and order.

Finding Life

Jesus came to show His People that the pursuit of this Kingdom was life itself. He said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). He taught about the Kingdom and He lived it. The Kingdom was that ultimate purpose. The Kingdom of the living God is that way, truth and life that God’s People yearn for and were created for. It was the very consuming purpose and passion of Jesus Christ and He calls His People to follow Him in it.

Defining Life

But what does the Kingdom life mean? How is it defined so we can know that ultimate purpose? What are we to pursue and how are we to do it? What is the Kingdom all about and how are we to actually bring it into being?

The answers are in the Bible. Not just part of the Bible, but the whole Bible from beginning to end. Because the Bible is the story of how God worked through one man and his family to become His Kingdom and to take full responsibility to manifest that Kingdom in its perfect righteousness, order, peace and joy.

The books in the Covenant Heritage Series were written to help those of that family who are called and chosen of God to understand what the Bible says and means. This series will give you knowledge of God’s ordained purpose of seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness and how to do that.

It will take a commitment to read and study these books. They will help bring a light of understanding who God is, what He has said, what He has done, and what He intends to do in and through His Covenant People. They will help you discover for yourself the way, the truth and the life. They will help you understand your heritage, who you are, what you were created for, and where to go from here. Take your time to complete these books and digest them along with the Bible.

The Covenant Heritage Series presents an easy to understand, step-by-step training to help you know what the Bible actually says and means. They will help you discover for yourself that ultimate purpose you need to know and fulfill in your life.

If you are still searching for your identity and purpose, take the first step and read Book One, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage.  This will give you the big picture and will set you on course to learn more.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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Spiritual Israel: The Wide Road

Modern Christianity is at the theological crossroad. Although I must say that the majority of high-octane scholars and churches don’t even realize they are at a crossroad. But they are. Jesus said there are two roads: the wide road and the narrow road. The wide road teaches a spiritual Israel. The narrow road teaches a physical Israel, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Crossroad

You see, the majority opinion of modern Christianity, whether self-described and liberal or conservative orthodox, believes and teaches without reservation that there is now a “spiritual Israel.” That is, although the God revealed in the Bible made unconditional covenant promises with Abraham and his physical descendants and covenantaly married them (biblical Israel – NOT today’s “Jews”), we are told the New Testament somehow reinterprets that exclusive relationship to now be inclusive of all “human beings” on the planet. Not just Israel, but “spiritual Israel.” That’s road number one.

Road number two is held by a relatively few theologians who plainly argue that the God of the Bible never changes. The covenant He made with Abraham and his physical descendants in the Old Testament is still in effect in the New Testament. Same covenant, same context, same people. Thus, there cannot be nor ever will be a “spiritual Israel.”

The vast majority of the opinion who believe in a spiritual Israel have no awareness that there is even another possibility – that perhaps the Bible in its entirety is about God’s dealing with His covenant family of one race only. And yet, that road is before them.

The Wide and Destructive Road

The only road they see before them at this point is the one most traveled. It’s wide and comfortable. Back at the crossroad is a narrow road with a small band of theologians (like me) who beckon to them: Open your eyes! Think! Take a fresh look at the Bible. You’re on the wrong road!

How we want them, beg them, to see that the wide road they’re on is ultimately destructive. Look at the mess out there! And they cannot comprehend that they are contributing to that mess.

I know it’s hard to see, especially while we are seemingly in a stable period at this time. And besides, how does this inclusive theology affect what is really going on out there?

It’s difficult to help others connect the dots between unbiblical theology and cultural destruction. That’s why I felt I needed to write The Greatest Deception of Our Time.

We Confront

Here is the problem that we try to help them see. This inclusive “spiritual Israel” teaching essentially means that the majority has decided that God has changed from being the exclusive God of the Old Testament to the inclusive God of the New Testament. And the best they can do to prove their point is to throw out a few proof-texts that appear to support their view.

We stand boldly before them to say we respectfully challenge your evidence. We confront them and say that they are grossly misinterpreting the Word of God. They now believe in a schizophrenic God and confusing Bible.

We declare that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does not change. His plan and purpose has not changed. His People have not changed. We are consistent in our biblical theology.

So, we teach and write. We want others to think. Our passion for the God of truth drives us and we are not going away.

Yes, we realize we are asking His People to consider the road less traveled. It’s not popular in our multicultural melting pot. But who cares? Either it’s the truth or not! It’s either God’s way or not.

We throw down the gauntlet. Prove us wrong – please.

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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