The Key to Taking the Guesswork Out of Interpreting the Bible: Discovering Original Intent – Part 2

Although there are many possible barriers to correctly interpreting the Bible, one glaring and common error repeated today is the failure to discover original intent. The misrepresentation of what the Bible says and means in large part flows from this one error. What many pastors and theologians have failed to recognize is that the Bible was not written to us in our present day. It was written to certain people at another period of time in the past. Correctly using the principles of interpretation eliminates the guesswork and shines a light on the original intent.

I sum up Part I of last week with a quote from a 19th century theologian, Milton Spencer Terry:

“When we find that in the explanation of certain parts of the Scriptures no two interpreters out of a whole class agree, we have great reason to presume at once that some fatal error lurks in their principles of interpretation.”1

Such an error substantially misses the point that what God has revealed to us originated first with the original audience for which it was intended.

Today, I want to discuss the process and principles of interpretation of how we determine original intent.

The Process

The Bible is a big book with many parts, people and events. Basically, when you piece it altogether, it’s a history book. If we approach the Bible as a history book, all we have to do is follow the story. Just like if we followed the story of your life – where you lived, people you lived with, the circumstances and events you experienced, the customs you learned, your best successes and worst failures – everything about your life – we would see the story of your life unfold.

That’s what the Bible is – a historical drama that unfolds before our eyes. Keep it simple.

So, like any book, we would start at the beginning. The beginning is Genesis chapter one. But in my experience, the most direct way to start is beginning with the life of Abraham in Genesis chapter 12. Because, as you will see, the Bible is most easily grasped by reading about this man, who is one of the most important men of the Bible. Without understanding his story, you simply cannot understand what the Bible says and means.

As I explain in Book One, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritagewe return to the beginning chapters of Genesis later in our study as we complete our pilgrimage through the Bible.

The process of finding the original intent approaches the Bible as a history book, beginning with the life of Abraham. We won’t just read about Abraham’s life, but we will be transported back to his time as if we were walking beside him – listening in and watching his life – what God said to him and how he responded. We will experience the drama as it unfolds from Abraham to his son Isaac and his grandson, Jacob. We will be enveloped in the whole panorama of history of Abraham’s family down through the centuries. We will find the original intent as this history book is progressively revealed.

In the Covenant Heritage Series, I take you step-by-step and help you through what would appear to be a disjointed maze. I shine a light on the next path ahead so you can find your own way through it. And at the end of the story, you will see the whole picture. It will make sense. You will be able to put the pieces of the Bible puzzle together.

The Principles of Interpretation

Along the way, we use and apply time-tested principles of interpretation to help verify and prove what the Bible says and means. No tricks or slight-of-hand tactics – just straightforward, no nonsense methods of analysis that you would use to make sense out of any letter, newspaper article or book. By consistent and objective application of these principles, we have the best chance of arriving at the Bible’s original intent.

So, what are these principles? Basically, there are two main ones.

The first principle of interpretation is this: The Bible must be read, studied and interpreted in its context. For example, what does John 3:16 mean?

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

In other words, to understand what John 3:16 says and means, you might want to ask the following questions:

  1.  What preceded John 3:16?

a.  Who was speaking?

b.  Who was being spoken to?

c.  What was the subject matter?

2.  What followed John 3:16?

a.  Who was speaking?

b.  Who was being spoken to?

c.  What was the subject matter?

3.  Suppose you wanted to know what the word “world” (Greek: kosmos) meant in John 3:16. You might ask:

a.  Does the context of John chapter 3 reveal anything about “world”?

b.  Does the context of the entire Gospel of John shed any light on how he used the word “world”?

c.  Does the rest of the New Testament reveal anything about how “world” is used?

The principle of context gives you important information to help you more accurately make a correct interpretation.  And the wider the context you consider, the more accurate your analysis and conclusion will be.

I will show you how to apply the principle of context.

The second principle of interpretation is this: Let the Bible interpret itself. It is very common, for example, to find the New Testament quoting from the Old Testament. Often, going back to a quote in the Old Testament sheds light on the New Testament.

As an illustration, the Apostle Peter is writing to people which were “scattered” or dispersed in certain areas (I Peter 1:1). To find out who they were, you might want to go back to the Old Testament. For example, in Deuteronomy 28:63-65, God warns Israel that disobeying Him would eventually result in God scattering them into other lands. The Old Testament may help us to determine who Peter was writing to many centuries later.

In I Peter 2:9-10, he also refers to his audience by quoting from the Old Testament:

“But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; for you once were NOT A PEOPLE, but now you are THE PEOPLE OF GOD; you had NOT RECEIVED MERCY, but now you have RECEIVED MERCY.”

Using a concordance or perhaps a side-note column in your Bible, you can find where these quotes came from and who they refer to. Does that give you clues about who Peter was writing to?

All we are doing is letting the Bible interpret itself. That’s what you will learn how to do in the Covenant Heritage Series and what I will be training you to do in the Bible Mastery Boot Camp.

We will use these principles of interpretation regularly to take the guesswork out of knowing with certainty what the Bible says and means. You will discover its original intent. When you get that, then you can begin to see how the Bible may apply today to you.


Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

1 Milton Spencer Terry, Biblical Hermeneutics, p. 161.

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The Key to Taking the Guesswork Out of Interpreting the Bible: Discovering Original Intent – Part 1

Is there a way to know with reasonable certainty what the Bible actually says and means? Yes! It is discovering original intent. This is the key to taking the guesswork out of interpreting the Bible.

If that is of interest to you, I want to share with you why the Bible should and must be interpreted according to its original intent and how that is to be searched out (in Part 2) in order to arrive at a conclusion of fact – correct Biblical interpretation.

Today, I want to discuss the meaning of, and barriers to, discovering original intent.

Why is Original Intent Important?

This subject matter is of critical importance for the following reasons:

  1. If the Bible is, in fact, “God breathed” in the original autographs and is a reliable and trustworthy record of God’s revelation, then correctly discerning what it says and means is of the highest pursuit and priority. Even in the modern English translations, I have proven to myself that there is substantial evidence to find out what the Bible says and means.
  2. There has been, up to the present day, no lack of conflicting opinions and theories in respect to biblical conclusions, resulting in thousands of denominational and non-denominational churches. This only creates confusion. Who is right?
  3. Generally, the Bible has been misunderstood and misconstrued, creating a false worldview and resulting in the manifestation of moral and cultural deterioration and lawlessness.
  4. Unless we recover what the Bible says and means according to its original intent, we cannot act with knowledge, understanding and wisdom to implement the remedies in order to transform our communities and nations.
  5. In the matter of personal integrity, every man who considers it his obligation and responsibility to search out the correct interpretation of the Bible can be equipped to do so.

Meaning of Original Intent

The Bible is a historical document. The history spans at least 6,000 years and is the record of that history in respect to what God has said and what He has done. Therefore, the Bible must be read and understood as an historical document.

As a record of history, the Bible is most accurately understood in its original historical context. What was the language used and how were words used and defined in that time period? How should the Bible be understood from the beginning and throughout its recorded history?

In other words, what was the original intent or the original interpretation or meaning of the Bible in the time in which it was recorded?

If, by the preponderance of biblical evidence of the language used and the meaning and usage of words in that particular historical context, one can with a high degree of certainty understand the original intent, the correct interpretation can be made.

Original intent asks, What did the speaker (such as Jesus Christ) or writer (such as the Apostle Paul) reasonably mean to communicate and what did their original audience reasonably understand the speaker or writer to say?

Original intent searches for a fixed and determined meaning from the raw data of the biblical text taken together in its whole context.

Original intent seeks to, with ruthless objectivity, gather the raw data primarily from the Bible itself and then from secondary references such as time-tested lexicons, dictionaries and other sources to help with word meanings and usage and other information about historical context.

Barriers to Original Intent

Confusion and disagreement about what the Bible says and means abounds creating disunity within the “Christian” religion. The Catholic church says they are right. Because they claim to be the original Christian church, therefore, only their doctrine is correct even if it can’t be verified by the Bible. The Protestants insist they are right even though they are fractured into hundreds of denominations and thousands of different non-denominational churches. Of course, there will always be disagreements on minor points of theology which requires ongoing study and discussion.

But the larger, more significant doctrines are also much debated, although some unity exists. But the point here is that varying and conflicting opinions about correct interpretations of the Bible exist for many reasons. For example, objectivity is lost because of preconditioning. We have been preconditioned to interpret the Bible with a prior prejudiced viewpoint. We start with certain assumptions. It’s not necessarily a conscious thing we do, but we are persuaded, for whatever reason, to see the Bible through distorted glasses.

There are a variety of reasons for this. One could be social pressure to conform to what is an acceptable conclusion. We might feel it’s too much to risk sacrificing relationships or family and friends. Our choice is to conform or be rejected.

Another reason for tainting our objectivity in correctly interpreting the Bible is theological or church tradition. A sacredly-held historical tradition or a popular preconceived theological system tends to erect an almost impenetrable barrier to an objective reading and study of the written Word of God.

Here are some other barriers:

  1. Political expediency: willing to sacrifice certain hard, but discernible truths in order to smooth the way for political gain (even if it may be good);
  2. Cultural pressure: willing to not pursue finding out what the Bible says in order to conform to modern fashionable ideas; and
  3. Economic concerns: fear and trust in God and His revealed Word may be set aside for personal and job security.

Some engage in fanciful speculation based on subjective feelings by seeking out an “inner light.” The Bible says and means what anyone thinks it means. For example, how often have you heard the question, What does this passage mean to you? The result? Pure conjecture and many inaccurate and conflicting opinions and conclusions.

Whatever the barrier is to finding the correct interpretation, each person must be consciously aware and honest about it. No one approaches a study of the Bible without some taint of preconditioning or other influences.

But a deliberate awareness of that will help keep it in check and keep the process of discovering what the Bible says and means as pure as possible. Remember, we want to find the original intent. But how do we start?

That will be addressed in Part 2.  See you then!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

PS  If you think that this brief article is important, please share it with others. Thank you!

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Illegal Immigration and the Controlled Media

For the past several months, the American people have been subjected to a relentless full-court press by the controlled media on the illegal immigration deportation policy of the Trump Administration. Every hour of every day has been filled with negative commentary and stories about the deportations of illegal immigrants by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).


In order to sway public opinion, the obviously one-sided TV broadcasts, radio, and newspapers have cooked up one of their old standard tactics. Continually pour out non-stop many varied emotionally charged, heart-rending stories of these poor, helpless illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents. See them weeping in their distress? See the little children locked in cages? Sad story after story all replete with images of innocent victims of dire circumstances tugging at our heart strings.

Never mind that these foreigners entered the country ILLEGALLY. Never mind that they broke the immigration laws, as liberal and unconstitutional as they currently are. No. It isn’t about the rule of law. It’s about the alleged inhumane treatment of separating illegal children from their illegal immigrant parents who chose to put themselves in this situation in the first place.

Never mind that “half the children under 5 separated at the border came with adults who were criminals or not even their parents.” What crimes?

“…child cruelty, kidnapping, murder, human smuggling, domestic violence … narcotics-related crime.” 1

No, these facts are not important.

And never mind that if US citizens are convicted of a crime and are sentenced to prison, guess what? They are separated from their children!

This type of tactic of manipulating our emotions is nothing new. It’s akin to another deceptive tactic used in the past time and time again – the patriotism tactic to justify wars and other armed conflicts.

The Reasons for the Media Tactic

But what is the reason behind the controlled media pressure to change public opinion? The “powers-that-be” behind the media mask must do everything they can to stop the enforcement of legal and illegal immigration laws by eliciting their manufactured “universal outcry” for two huge reasons. Foreign, non-White immigration to America (and all other White countries) is essential to:

  1. Advance and establish a global “new world order,” and to
  2. Continue to subjugate and enslaved White people, White culture and their civilization.

Why? The new world order requires the integration and amalgamation of all races and cultures. It’s how the equality and diversity doctrine is implemented and enforced. And it’s only being done in White countries. Why? Because historically homogeneous White countries will not allow a global, top-down intrusion upon their laws, government and culture unless they are convinced there is just “one human family” and we’re all the same. We owe it to everyone else to “redistribute our wealth.”

Interestingly, President Trump warned about immigration last week in his NATO visit in Europe:

“President Donald Trump lambasted Europe’s immigration policies during an interview with The Sun, a British tabloid, on Thursday, saying an influx of migrants fleeing violence and seeking asylum has caused the continent to lose its culture and ‘changed the fabric of Europe. And I don’t mean that in a positive way,’ Trump told the paper in a sit-down interview. ‘I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad. I think you’re losing your culture. Look around. You go through certain areas that didn’t exist 10 or 15 years ago.’”

Of course, he’s right.

Vatican Bishop Athanasius Schneider, in a recent interview, also revealed this shocker:

“The migrant crisis represents a planned orchestrated and prepared for a long time by international powers to radically alter the Christian and national identity of the peoples of Europe.’” 2  (My emphasis.)

To the media mouth pieces and their handlers, foreign non-White immigration cannot be compromised and must be protected and advanced at all costs. And allowing the White South Africans to immigrate to America because they are being systematically tortured and murdered must not be allowed or considered. Keep out the Whites and all those orphaned White children!!

God hates hypocrisy!!


There will be those who will be weakened and change in their opinion regarding deporting illegal immigrants because of the media tactics. Can’t do much about that.

And the hypocritical media will continue lying and deceiving. Can’t change that, either.

So, what’s the answer? We can talk all day about all the problems and get upset. But I am all about solutions. What can be effectively done?

The answer is you and me. The answer is what we can do locally where we live. Individually we are truth-tellers. You must talk with our people whom you know. Can our God use you to help others understand what is going on? Yes!

More importantly, could God use you to start a local Bible study fellowship group? We want to help you do that with the Bible Mastery Boot Camp.  If our people don’t know what the Bible actually says and means, they will not have a foundation of knowledge and understanding to correctly grasp the problems we are facing.

We are developing a done-for-you, step-by-step system to help you do just that. We are working on a DVD teaching series right now.

Let us know if you can help us complete this within a year and if you are interested in a Boot Camp in your local area.

Let’s do this!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv




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Anatomy of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, Part 2

Putting together an interactive DVD video teaching series is a slow, time-consuming process. It’s been a learning curve for my wife and me with not a few mistakes and do-overs. Combining audio and visual and a follow-along course notebook has been downright meticulous work. In this article, I want to tell you how we produce it to get it ready for our amazing executive producer, Barry, and expert audio/video technician, Isaac, for the final editing.

The Co-Laborers

Barry and Isaac are a father and son team and volunteer their time for this project. One day, I hope to be able to financially reward them for their service for the Kingdom. But they do this work for the Bible Mastery Boot Camp because of their passion for the vision and potential of this project. They realize, as I do, how critical it is to provide a systematic, clear presentation of biblical and historical truth. Our covenant race is being destroyed. They need God’s Word!

Remember – the answer to the destruction of our People and our nations is not found primarily in government. Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against His church – not the government. Unless our People are apprised of the knowledge and understanding of what the Bible says and means, and return to the God of their fathers, we have no hope! Unless new local churches are established everywhere based on the truth of what the Bible really says and means, the Kingdom of God cannot, and will not be manifested. It is the true local church’s job to hold the government accountable to God’s Law. God’s power resides in His church!

So, they, my wife and I and a few other saints have invested our time and money to get the Bible Mastery Boot Camp done! It’s a labor of love for our God and His People, and it is a life-investment in the Kingdom.

The Process

So, let me get back to how we begin producing the DVD Bible Mastery Boot Camp project.

  1. The first task is creating an outline of each class. This gives a basic sequence of how the class will unfold.
  2. Then, a script is created that follows the outline. This helps ensure accuracy and clarity. The script is edited and re-edited until it is clear and concise.
  3. Along with the script is the creation of a student course notebook that matches the script for each class.
  4. After the script and notebook is finished, PowerPoint slides are created that follow and visually enhance the script.
  5. Then the slides and audio recording of the script are pieced together. We break it down into multiple sections for each class.
  6. Each little section is then created into a mini-movie. At this point, our graphic artist, Isaac, starts to go to work to enhance the PowerPoint and add special visual effects to enhance the learning process. There is a lot of back and forth between us.
  7. Once all the little movies are created, then our executive producer Barry splices them all together into one movie for each class in the final editing process. There is teamwork at this level between Barry and Isaac.
  8. Then the final classes are sent to our DVD creation team, where they are burned onto DVDs and labels created for each class.

A class is created. Then, we repeat the process for the next class.

Once an entire Module is finished, the last step is the packaging and shipping team to get them out. The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will be mailed in Modules. Each Module contains: a set of all the class DVDs, an interactive course notebook, and a textbook for that Module. So, for example, Module One, called Laying the Foundation, consists of 10 classes, a matching personal course notebook, and Book One, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage. When used in a Bible Study setting, extra notebooks and textbooks can be ordered. The specifics are still being worked out.

The Passion

And why do we spend major blocks of time doing all of this? Because God compels us! It’s our passion. We strive to get the best possible presentation of the written revelation of God. Sloppiness is out of the question!

God willing, this is going out to as many of our People as we can reach in all their historic lands. We pray that churches will be established. We pray God opens doors. We pray for nothing less than transformation of our nations. Not reformation, but transformation for the glory and sake of the Name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Join Us

Come alongside this cause! This work, this project takes many people. There is much to be done. Help us! We need people who can financially help us so our time can be freed up to get this project done as soon as possible. We need people with marketing skills and can help us get the word out to our People. We need a lot of prayer support. We are not ashamed to be bold about all of this.

If you catch our vision, come be a part of it. Let me know what you would like to do by sending me a message.   The time is now. The need is evident. Let’s get it done!

Thank you for listening!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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Two Major Goals of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp has two major goals that can and must be accomplished. These are based on the mission and purpose of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, which is to make it available in every county and province of every country where our People live. Let’s talk about the first goal.

Goal #1

First, it creates an opportunity for our White racial kindred to receive ongoing, comprehensive study of the Bible and learn how to correctly interpret the Bible. I love Psalm 119:160:

“The sum of Thy Word is truth.”

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp doesn’t address every doctrine and teaching in the Scripture and it is not complete in that sense. It is comprehensive in that it systematically pieces together the key people, events and covenants of the Bible using time-tested tools of interpretation. It presents an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. And it is designed to be interactive in order to help almost anyone discover for themselves what the Bible says and means. The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will also create an integrated style whereby learning will be enhanced on multiple levels – visual, audio, follow-along personal course notebook and textbook.

Goal #2

The second goal is to help create local fellowships that may be the beginning formation and establishment of local churches. Here is our vision. If our People begin learning together on an ongoing basis, we believe the Bible Mastery Boot Camp will naturally provide a covenanting together of relationships. If they learn together, discuss together and begin to form their own conclusions together about what the Bible says and means, will they not begin to be solidified together in fellowship? Yes, I believe they will.

While the Bible Mastery Boot Camp can be used successfully with individuals, the ultimate goal is to use it for small groups of our People. I believe that will foster the development of churches on the local level. And we have designed the Bible Mastery Boot Camp as a done-for-you video presentation that nearly anyone can use to start a small group Bible study. All you need is a place to meet, a DVD player and a TV screen or large monitor. If you want to be the facilitator of a small group, we will also provide guidelines about how to do that.

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp is going to be a powerful tool to help you create a beachhead in your local area for the manifestation of the Kingdom.

If you see that vision too, please consider helping us to keep producing the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. Just click here to send us a message to let us know you want to help. Thank you!!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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How to Win the War

In north Idaho, the local media recently covered a joint press conference of the Human Rights Task Forces to condemn “remarks made by a white supremacist” who (they say) “falsely” labeled this “region as ‘very white’ and ‘very racist.’” The man they targeted was apparently “responsible for the distribution of racist flyers”1 among other non-violent efforts to get a message out to the people in north Idaho. What is the message? They have declared war on the white race.

North Idaho is a traditional hot spot and “ground zero” for pro-White movements and sentiments. The timing of this little media press report coincides with another large conference in Spokane, Washington hosted by G. Edward Griffin called the Red Pill Conference. This is more or less a patriot meeting where a wide variety of national and international issues are being discussed. The media has labeled this meeting the “alt-right” which is typically identified with pro-White causes. The Red Pill Conference is anything but that. I attended last year’s conference so I should know. But the media collusion along with those self-appointed guardians of tolerance and diversity know how to “name and shame” to make sure White people are silenced and cower in fear. It’s effective!

Truth Scuttled by Rhetoric

To the media and groups like the Human Rights Task Force, the truth about racial diversity, inclusion and the consequences thereof for the White race, as well as the other races, are never given a fair hearing.  They don’t want a conversation with the other side. To them, competition in the marketplace of ideas is not allowed. It’s a one-way street. “Us four and no more.” Truth is sacrificed for typical rhetoric, which includes pejorative buzzwords like racist, hate, bigotry, and anti-Semitism, among others.

And really, these words are all they have to offer. Just words. But they understand how powerful words can be to promote their agenda of total racial and multicultural tolerance, diversity and inclusion. Never mind defining those words. That’s not important. What’s important is that they convey a perception – a weapon to, once again, “name and shame” any White person who loves and prefers their race.

This is one of the big reasons why you can never have a reasonable conversation with these people. If words cannot (or won’t) be defined, how can you have a conversation? What a word like racist or anti-Semitism actually means is critical to discovering what the truth is. But they are not interested in truth, only words of perception. And that’s the way they want to keep it.

How to Win the War

Forget fighting on this battle front of words because we will not win the war with this tactic. Although many of us understand what is going on, propagated by the powers-that-be against the White race, and although we empathize with our People concerning their on-going destruction and subjugation – ultimately the war will be won on a different battle front. And that is proclaiming the truth that the Bible is the written, trustworthy revelation of God and that it is the story of the White race and our heritage.

Until our People understand what the Bible says and means, and that they are God’s Covenant People, we will continue to live under the boot of those who intend to destroy us. Until our People get educated and informed about what God has said and what He has done on our behalf, we will continue to retreat from the face of our enemies. Until our People come together in local churches that proclaim the truth, we can expect only defeat. The only place Jesus promised that the gates cannot prevail against is His church!! (Matthew 16:18)

So, where do we go from here? Is there a way to get biblical and historical truth to our desperate People? Each one of us is responsible before God to educate himself. There are many good books out there, including the Covenant Heritage Series  that you can use as resources.

As each of you gets educated, we also need to start communicating with other People of our White race to begin to introduce the truth of the written Word to them. It’s not an easy task and it’s difficult to know where to start. It’s a typical problem.

That’s why I wrote the Covenant Heritage Series and why we are producing the Bible Mastery Boot Camp as an interactive video teaching project. It’s going to be a great tool for you to help teach others. (Check out my article and update below on the Bible Mastery Boot Camp project).

White issues of the day can be discussed, but I’m more interested in God’s solutions for salvation from our sorry situation. So, let’s get going. Together we can, and will, win this war!

See you next week.

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

1 Keith Kinnaird, “Task forces denounce racist claims,” Bonner County Daily Bee, June 27, 2018

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Anatomy of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, Part 1

You may have heard of our project called the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. It is a video teaching presentation that is designed to take almost anyone step-by-step through the Bible. Our interactive approach is not just to teach, but to help folks discover for themselves what the Bible says and means. If people don’t own what they believe, it never sticks with them and never has a chance to take firm root for the manifestation of the Kingdom.

I wanted to offer a brief explanation of our vision and purpose for the Bible Mastery Boot Camp and how we actually create it. It can be a powerful tool to help the Covenant People put the pieces of the Bible together and begin a needed transformation of their lives.

The Vision

Imagine if at least one man in every county or province in all the inhabited lands of our People became sufficiently educated to understand what the Bible said and means. What if they grasped that the Bible was the story and heritage of their race? What if they finally understood who they are and found their spiritual and racial roots? What if they realized why they were created and what they were supposed to do? What if, by God’s grace, they began to be transformed by the renewing of their minds and hearts? What if they had available to them a done-for-you video teaching presentation with an interactive course notebook and textbook to easily take them and their family, friends and neighbors systematically through the Bible? All that can happen!

The Purpose

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will be a DVD (and online) teaching series based on my books, the Covenant Heritage Series that will integrate and enhance most people’s ability to learn on multiple levels. They can go at their own pace and in the privacy of their own homes. Many times just reading a book is not an effective learning tool on its own. Many people need more, like the visual and audio, too.

Beyond individual participation in the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, our further overall purpose is to help start local assemblies.  Why?

Because the dwelling and power of God resides in every local church of His People (Ephesians 1-2). The Bible Mastery Boot Camp offers a way for groups of people to learn together, come together as a church, and then teach others. This is where God’s power is unleashed that will manifest His Kingdom in our nations. It can be done!

The Need

We are very excited about the possibilities for our People to learn the basics of biblical doctrine through our historical, systematic approach. Our goal is to develop four modules with many classes in each module. Presently, we are working on Module One and are close to completing the ten classes in that first module.  Currently we have only 3 more classes left to complete Module One. Classes One through Seven are done and in the finale editing phase. We are starting on Class Eight now!

We won’t release any of the modules in the Bible Mastery Boot Camp until Module Three is completed in order to reduce the learning time gap between modules.

We would like to get the first three modules launched by Summer of 2019. We are only able to work on the Boot Camp on a part-time basis because we support ourselves. But we have been able to accomplish what we have done so far also because of the financial support of a few dedicated and visionary folks. But, with their help, as well as the help of others who want to be a supportive part of this DVD project, we can dedicate more time to get this done faster.

Will you help us too? Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this effort with the condition that you do not take away from other ministries you are already supporting.

Just let us know if you want to help by sending us a message here.

Next week, I want to break down the process of how we go about producing the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. What does it take to produce a professional quality DVD video series? Let me just say, “It’s involved!”

See you next week.

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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2018 Conference Report

by Linda Ramsey

What can I say besides wow! This is the first conference that I have been to, and while I hoped and prayed that it would be a success, God blessed it and it was more than a success!

The ministers were of one accord and God sent a powerful message to all who attended. We are to have a mission of how we can spread his word. We are to then have a vision of how we can accomplish this and then to develop a method of doing it.

Brother Blanchard is developing a work study on how to accomplish this. It is a DVD with a work book. It is in editing and production at this time.

Everett and I rented a conference room that would hold 150 to 200 people. We prayed that it would not look empty. … I should not have worried! The room was full on all three days! …It was a joy to me, and when I saw Everett invigorated, and everyone so receptive I can’t explain how I felt. … god prepared the entire conference; from the words and messages given by the ministers, to providing everything we needed. When we needed a conference room and motel it was provided. … Needless to say, we re starting to plan for next year! We are planning on April 26, 27 and 28, in Branson again. So start planning to come.

– Excerpts from the Jacobs Heirs Newsletter, May 2018

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A Biblical Expose on Memorial Day

Another Memorial Day has come and gone with the usual, heartfelt “remembrance” for those who have suffered and died “for our great country.” It is the obligatory test of patriotism to pay tribute to “the fallen heroes” who made the sacrifices so we could have “our freedom.” Platitudes abound as ceremonies commence “to honor those who gave their live in service to their country.” But like so many areas of life in America, such staged events paste over the truth about all the wars and other unlawful military adventures and occupations “to fight the war on terrorism.”

A Patriot

But before I go on, and least I be tarred and feathered as un-American, let me say that I am an ardent patriot. My ancestors came to America in the early 1600s. My roots go back a long time ago, so my patriotism extends back to the early fathers of this nation who helped form this nation.

A true patriot is one who cares enough to remain loyal and yet tell the truth about all those so-called “righteous” wars and other military conflicts.

Our People Died For Our Freedom?

Except perhaps for the Revolutionary War, there is not a war or “police action” I can think of that was not contrived by the global banking cartel so that they could accumulate our wealth and enslave Americans. They were staged and we were induced to fight needless wars – many against our own racial brethren. Millions suffered and died due to the propaganda of liars who got us to believe that participating in these wars was our patriotic duty to “preserve our freedom” or “stop communism” or “win the war on terror.”

One of the most valuable books I have in my library is A Century of War by F. William Engdahl. The sub-title is “Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order.” In his book, the author gives a detailed account of the behind-the-scenes of the global banking cartel to “control the world’s reserves of petroleum” and manipulate our Saxon nations into wars – specifically in this case, World War I and World War II. If it were not for political traitors in America and Britain, the foreign “money power” would have never been able to carry out their evil schemes.

So, no. All these past wars going back to at least the War Between the States up to the present-day military expeditions have nothing to do with protecting our freedom at all. The purpose of these wars is to line the pockets of the enemies of Jesus Christ and destroy His People.

The Bible Condemns

Does the Bible expose the likes of Memorial Day? Yes.  In Matthew 23:13-36, Jesus condemns the religious leaders:

29 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you build the tombs of the prophets and adorn the monuments of the righteous, 30 and say, ‘If we had been living in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partners with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’ 31 So you testify against yourselves, that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Fill up, then, the measure of the guilt of your fathers. 33 You serpents, you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell?” – Matthew 23:29-33

Of course, this was a different context, but the principle remains the same. If the truth about all these monuments that are glorified for the disabled and sacrificed in all these wars is denied, then we “testify” against ourselves that we participated in false patriotism that glorify these wars and the destruction of our people.  Our indictment before God is denying the truth about who is behind these unrighteous “wars.”

Righteous blood has been shed for our freedom and righteous causes? No. We must say “no more” lest we be guilty of lying by pretending along with the rest of the deluded that Memorial Day should be observed.

I am not dishonoring those who “served,” but I am deeply saddened that so many suffered needlessly because they were lied to by the enemies of God.

We may be rejected and excluded for not going along with the unwitting crowd. But before the God of our fathers, we will stand for what patriots should stand for. The truth!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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The Royal Wedding: Push for Diversity

It was one of the most celebrated events in Britain. It was history in the making: a high level, racially mixed wedding between Prince Harry and bi-racial Meghan Markle. The world was watching as the media promoted the anticipated spectacle with obsessively saturated coverage. It was not just a royal wedding, but an opportunity to get the message across globally that this was all about racial diversity.

The Preliminaries

The media knows how to build anticipation. New coverage started months before at the engagement announcement and really ramped up the week prior to the wedding. Just take a look at some of the special documentaries:

  1. When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal engagement
  2. Prince Harry’s Story: Four Royal Weddings
  3. Meghan Markle: A Royal Love Story
  4. Prince Harry: Wild No More
  5. Harry and Meghan: Royal Rebels
  6. Harry and Meghan: A Very Modern Romance
  7. Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance Special

And, of course, the wedding coverage itself and the postscript:  The Royal Wedding: The Highlights.

All About Diversity

The racially mixed union between Harry and Meghan was continually promoted as the hot topic. One commentator called it the “new diversity.” Another bi-racial British female said the marriage was a “celebration of blackness.” Black and White coming together.

“The son of British royalty and the daughter of middle-class Americans wed Saturday in a service that reflected Prince Harry’s royal heritage, Meghan Markle’s biracial roots and the pair’s shared commitment to putting a more diverse, modern face on the monarchy.”1

Featured in the wedding ceremony was the “African-American leader of the Episcopal church” who, of course, quoted from Martin Luther King, Jr. In his wedding message he said, “There’s power in love to life up and liberate when nothing else will.” (Ibid.)

All the racially diverse celebrities were there, too.

Everyone was all smiles and praises gushed forth for this historical event of racial diversity. The wedding put a big stamp of approval for multiracial and cultural diversity. Not just accepted, but promoted as the new normal. Of course, the implication is: Don’t criticize racial integration at any level. In this age of tolerance and diversity, the controllers of this worldly system will not tolerate dissension or opposition. If you don’t go along with the crowd, it may very well be met with the force of criminal law in Britain and other European countries.

Meanwhile, all White countries continue to be subjected to disorder and destruction as a result of tolerance and diversity. And the so-called “churches” love it so.

A Biblical Perspective

Should we get swept away with the pageantry and positive affirmations of this royal wedding? After all, Harry and Meghan are so “in love.” What could be wrong with that?

Catholic and Protestant theology support the racial mixture and have no defense to oppose it. That theology is based on unproven and unchallenged presumptions such as:

  • All races came from Adam, and
  • Jesus Christ died for all “human beings.

These, among others, are in serious error and without biblical support. If you start with false premises, you end up with unbiblical conclusions. Then it’s disorder and chaos.

The Covenant Heritage Series  proves beyond a reasonable doubt, from the preponderance of evidence of the biblical text, history and science, that the Bible is about one racial covenant family from beginning to end. It reveals God’s purpose and plan for this racial family.

Consequently, the recent racially mixed wedding and the “new diversity” it promotes is an abomination before the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The world’s affectations of racial diversity and integration are a stench in God’s nostrils. It destroys what God created as unique. One of the most serious consequences of racial intermarriage is that the racial make-up of the children of these unions, their DNA, cannot be reversed.  Once racially mixed, that family line is forever outside the Kingdom of God.  Those children are forever excluded from the Kingdom! Consider these eternal consequences. Left unchecked, this diversity results in the destruction of God’s Covenant People and God’s plan and purpose to manifest His Kingdom!

“Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” – I John 2:15


1 “Royal wedding bridges Atlantic, breaks old molds,” AP, May 20, 2018.


Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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