What the Bible Says about Global Government

We might be inclined to believe that the federal government of the United States and the concept of national government sovereignty are still intact as originally intended and conceived. We might be inclined to believe that the Constitution for the United States of America is still the law of the land (in respect to a limited contract with specific powers and disabilities) and is upheld as so by all three branches of government. But more and more Americans are beginning to realize that there are powerful, well-financed forces that are determined to supplant the nation of the United States and replace it with an integrated global government.

As far back as the idea of a League of Nations in the 1920s and the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, those who are informed are aware of the gradual, step-by-step encroachment by global government superseding federal, state and local governments of the United States. There has developed an interlocking matrix to completely dictate and control economics, and “human” and natural resources.

The Charter for Global Democracy

For example, in 1995 the United Nations’ Commission on Global Governance was the blueprint for the Charter for Global Democracy. It produced twelve principles to fully implement global government. Here are just some of those principles:

First Principle:       Consolidation of all international agencies under UN authority (such as the World Bank, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization).

Fifth Principle:       Authorization of a standing UN army.

Sixth Principle:      Registration and reduction of all national armies.

Seventh Principle: Require individual and national compliance with all UN Human Rights treaties.

Eighth Principle:    Activate Informational Criminal Court.

Tenth Principle:     Create an International Environment Court.

Twelfth Principle: Cancellation of debt of poorest nations and “equitable sharing of global resources.”

Basically, it’s all about what Al Gore revealed as the “wrenching transformation” of America. What does that mean? It means the complete dismantling of a constitutional republic based in part on the common law inherent in Biblical Law. It means a total negation of the separation of powers (legislative, executive, judicial) as well as between the federal and state governments. It means the abolition of private property rights, and basically the freedom to choose: child rearing, education, health care and so forth. It means a total subservience to the dictate of self-appointed world governors through decree and force. It means new “policies” that criminalize non-compliance and “regulations” enforced by total surveillance.

Those who deny that that is beginning to manifest now have been anesthetized by watching too much of CNN and sports.

Example at the Tower of Babel

For the sake of argument, however, let’s assume the present reality of an ongoing quest for global government. What does the Bible say about such a phenomenon? There is one historical event discussed in Genesis 11. The context is post-Flood (Genesis 6-9). The descendants of Noah’s sons are multiplying into many families and on the verge of becoming the nations of the Bible.

At one point, all these Adamic people had “the same language and the same words” (Genesis 11:1). That is, they all spoke one language. They decided together to build “a city” and “a tower” (verse 4). They were, in effect, building a consolidated, potentially powerful nation.

There is speculation of opinions about the meaning and significance of the building of a city and tower. One reason might be revealed from the Septuagint (LXX) in verse 4 that reveals that the people were unified in their task of building to prevent them from being scattered throughout the large middle eastern land area.1 The people said,

4 … “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and tower of which the top will be unto the heaven. And let us make to ourselves a name, before being scattered upon the face of the earth.”

Clearly, they knew they were to be dispersed and wanted to try to prevent that from happening.

But Genesis 11:6 also reveals the potential problem: that such a unified confederacy would lead to corruption.

6 The LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.”

So, God created a confusion of languages whereby they could not understand each other and were thus forced to be scattered from one another.

Consolidation of Power

I admit this is a bit of speculation, but perhaps “reading in-between-the-lines” may be considered. For example, I think we can assume that the descendants of Noah recalled the story of the great Flood and the reason for it. God destroyed many because they had become wicked and corrupt beyond the point of no return. If we bring forward that context, perhaps we can understand why it was not God’s will that the people should remain unified in the same geographical location – Adamkind has a tendency to corruption due to the sinful flesh.

Could it have been that God’s deliberate scattering of the people was a merciful act to prevent another evil situation as was the case before the Flood event? I think it was reasonable to consider this conclusion.

Here is the point. Consolidation of a single system of government of laws and customs may start out without major difficulties, but soon corruption will begin to manifest itself. Rule by an elite who gain power because of greed and the love of money brings unjust policies, unlawful force, lies, cover-ups, perversion and so forth to coerce and enslave the common people.

In a consolidated system apart from how God’s Kingdom and His Law Word operates, man rules without critical checks and balances. Corruption and chaos result in a destruction of lawful order and peace.

Global government of man is not of God. It leads to corruption. And now, we are witnessing the emergence of a self-appointed elite who hate Jesus Christ and are compelled to bring in their own kingdom without the King and His Law.

And I would add this. In view of our present situation, God’s Covenant People must begin to gain knowledge and understanding and take action in order to manifest God’s Kingdom in their local areas. That is why I wrote the Covenant Heritage Series and, Lord willing, will make available the Bible Mastery Boot Camp in the near future.


1 I discuss this along with a map of who settled where in Book Four, God’s Covenant Creation, chapter 9.

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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