The Bible Mastery Boot Camp

I am very excited about our new DVD project called the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. This DVD teaching and training series has the potential to reach literally millions of God’s Covenant People across the globe. This is an audio-visual presentation which can effectively teach our People in the privacy of their own homes in order to help restore their lost biblical heritage. I want to give you more details about this DVD project and the vision I have for it. And if you share that vision, I want to tell you how you can help make it happen.

What Is This All About?

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp is a revolutionary step-by-step, systematic training course that can help our People know and understand what the Bible says and means – for themselves. It is a comprehensive teaching of the entire Bible in an audio-visual format. But it’s more than just teaching. It’s training our People how to read and study the Bible by training them to use standard and accepted principles of interpretation. That way, they discover what the Bible actually says and means for themselves. As a result, they own what they believe!

What the Bible Mastery Boot Camp Will Include

This will not just be a DVD all by itself. It will come with an accompanying personal course notebook that can be used along with the DVD. This will allow anyone who is watching the DVD presentation to apply what they are learning and write down the correct answers to each part of the presentation according to what the Bible says.

So, for example, as I teach in the DVD, I will periodically have the student stop or pause the DVD, read a selection of Scripture and fill in the correct answer to a question in the course notebook. My purpose is to engage the student to interact with me through the DVD. This enhances the learning process because they must try to find the correct answer according to the evidence of the Bible itself. My purpose is not to spoon feed them, but teach them how to feed themselves by actually doing it. Does that make sense?

When someone orders a module, they will also receive a copy of the corresponding book in the Covenant Heritage Series that supplements the DVD and personal course notebook. This will be another learning tool offering more details and documentation.

What Can Be Accomplished

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp DVD package will be a “done-for-you” teaching and training series that can be used individually, as a family, or in a small group setting. It creates an important benefit of convenience and privacy.

  • It can be viewed in a home with family
  • Friends and neighbors can come together to learn and grow together – like a home study time.

No one has to worry about trying to teaching anything. All they have to do is make the Bible Mastery Boot Camp available to others.

And what is the main purpose? It is our hope and prayer that the powerful God of our fathers will create His local churches in every land our People live. What if, in a short time the Spirit of the Living God began to move establishing local churches out of those who have been taught and trained from the Bible Mastery Boot Camp DVD presentation?

Can you see it? Is it possible? Yes, that’s my vision!

We Are Ready To Go!

For months now we have been creating scripts and corresponding class notebooks preparing to put it all together with a DVD format. We have had to learn how to actually create a professional DVD presentation. It was a difficult task and the project stalled until we accomplished this.

But now, we are ready to move forward. What we are working on now is an Introduction to the Bible Mastery Boot Camp DVD so it can be used as a preliminary first-step to give to someone brand new.

We are also getting ready to produce four separate Modules containing many classes in each one. Each Module is based on one of my books (Module One is based on Book One, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage). And going through Module One is a prerequisite for Module Two (Identifying Biblical Israel Today), and so forth.

Do You Want To Help Us?

If you are prompted by God to help us with this venture, we would love that. We cannot do this alone. If you would like to offer support for this DVD project, please send me an email at All financial donations can be sent directly to me (please make out checks to “Lawrence Blanchard”) at:

Lawrence Blanchard, PO Box 485,  Cocolalla, ID 83813

The more support we have, the more time we can give to completing this project.  Any donation is helpful. Thank you! (But please, if you are supporting another ministry, continue to do so. The last thing I want is to take from another worthy work.)

We will be emailing you newsletters periodically with updates to let you know about our progress.

We Are Changing Websites

Our current website,, will be offline in the near future (before the end of the year.) will be our new website. It is now live for you to explore.

After today, you will be receiving all email newsletters and updates from our new email address: or BMBC for short.

We will have our books available there for you under each title in the Covenant Heritage Series tab and I will be posting articles periodically. If you already signed up to receive my articles in the past, you are signed up. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, just let us know. You can also unsubscribe at the bottom of each email newsletter. If you have never signed up for my articles and wish to be on our mailing list, you can go to our new website: and sign up in the left hand column.

I will also be doing live teaching of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp in northern Idaho. You can see the schedule of the live Boot Camps on our new website. I would love to have you come over and visit us. You are always welcome to sign up for and attend a Boot Camp (Modules One and Two), if you are able to come to northern Idaho. We have reasonable hotels nearby.

by Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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