Bible Mastery Boot Camp Update

My wife and I had a great time at the Homecoming Conference in Branson last week. I didn’t get a head count, but there were at least 100 people there. Wonderful fellowship! As the conference progressed, more and more enthusiasm was generated for our work on the Bible Mastery Boot Camp project.

Our thanks to Pastor Everett Ramsey and his wife Linda for hosting this event. Even at the age of 79 he’s still moving forward in the ministry of the Word!

I had the opportunity to speak, along with Pastor Ramsey, Pastor Barley and Pastor Elmore, who all brought significant messages. I discussed the Bible Mastery Boot Camp project and my vision for it. Many expressed hope and excitement for the potential of getting this much needed tool into the hands of those who will be able to help introduce our People to biblical truth.

A Change Is In the Wind

For far too long, we have been just maintaining and holding steady. But if we would be honest, we have stagnated in our growth. In many cases we have been declining in numbers and really not doing a very good job at effectively reaching the upcoming generations. Honestly, we have been at a loss for what to do about this problem.

It’s not enough to make the excuse, “Well, the people today just are not interested. They are too busy to care about the Bible or their heritage and destiny.” But the truth is that they are crying out inside for true, satisfying purpose and significance. They are lost.

Let’s create an opportunity for them to get them started on the pathway back to finding their racial and spiritual heritage. There they will discover who they are and why they were created by God.

That is what we hope and pray the Bible Mastery Boot Camp will help provide.

More than that, we believe the Bible Mastery Boot Camp will provide the opportunity to actually form local churches. And that will be the foundation to manifest and advance the Kingdom of God to transform every local area with righteousness, order and peace.

Let’s Make It Happen

The challenge is before us and you can be a part of it. The Bible Mastery Boot Camp is designed to be a “done-for-you,” easy to follow, step by step teaching and training program to help almost anyone to be able to understand what the Bible says and means – for themselves.

It can be used individually on in a small group. Yes, you can host a group and you will be trained how to do so. Imagine a group of engaged and enthusiastic people learning and growing together and how that could turn into a more permanent fellowship. Before you know it, a church is born by God’s Spirit! It can happen and will happen!

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp can even be used as a home schooling Bible curriculum. Imagine what could happen if home schoolers started using this for their Bible curriculum all across this nation.

Module One Is Almost Done!

We are still in the process of creating the first three modules of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. We almost have Module One completed. We are devoting as much time as possible each week to getting it done. Once we complete Module Three, we will launch the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. Module Four will be on the front burner to complete after that.

We would like to dedicate more time for getting the Bible Mastery Boot Camp completed as soon as possible.  At the present rate of progress, we project another year before we are ready to launch Modules One-Three. If you would like to help fund this project, click here  to send a gift.

For more information on the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, please logon to our website:

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

PS  If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Introductory DVD to the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, please let me know by sending me a message. Just click here.

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