Anatomy of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, Part 1

You may have heard of our project called the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. It is a video teaching presentation that is designed to take almost anyone step-by-step through the Bible. Our interactive approach is not just to teach, but to help folks discover for themselves what the Bible says and means. If people don’t own what they believe, it never sticks with them and never has a chance to take firm root for the manifestation of the Kingdom.

I wanted to offer a brief explanation of our vision and purpose for the Bible Mastery Boot Camp and how we actually create it. It can be a powerful tool to help the Covenant People put the pieces of the Bible together and begin a needed transformation of their lives.

The Vision

Imagine if at least one man in every county or province in all the inhabited lands of our People became sufficiently educated to understand what the Bible said and means. What if they grasped that the Bible was the story and heritage of their race? What if they finally understood who they are and found their spiritual and racial roots? What if they realized why they were created and what they were supposed to do? What if, by God’s grace, they began to be transformed by the renewing of their minds and hearts? What if they had available to them a done-for-you video teaching presentation with an interactive course notebook and textbook to easily take them and their family, friends and neighbors systematically through the Bible? All that can happen!

The Purpose

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will be a DVD (and online) teaching series based on my books, the Covenant Heritage Series that will integrate and enhance most people’s ability to learn on multiple levels. They can go at their own pace and in the privacy of their own homes. Many times just reading a book is not an effective learning tool on its own. Many people need more, like the visual and audio, too.

Beyond individual participation in the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, our further overall purpose is to help start local assemblies.  Why?

Because the dwelling and power of God resides in every local church of His People (Ephesians 1-2). The Bible Mastery Boot Camp offers a way for groups of people to learn together, come together as a church, and then teach others. This is where God’s power is unleashed that will manifest His Kingdom in our nations. It can be done!

The Need

We are very excited about the possibilities for our People to learn the basics of biblical doctrine through our historical, systematic approach. Our goal is to develop four modules with many classes in each module. Presently, we are working on Module One and are close to completing the ten classes in that first module.  Currently we have only 3 more classes left to complete Module One. Classes One through Seven are done and in the finale editing phase. We are starting on Class Eight now!

We won’t release any of the modules in the Bible Mastery Boot Camp until Module Three is completed in order to reduce the learning time gap between modules.

We would like to get the first three modules launched by Summer of 2019. We are only able to work on the Boot Camp on a part-time basis because we support ourselves. But we have been able to accomplish what we have done so far also because of the financial support of a few dedicated and visionary folks. But, with their help, as well as the help of others who want to be a supportive part of this DVD project, we can dedicate more time to get this done faster.

Will you help us too? Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this effort with the condition that you do not take away from other ministries you are already supporting.

Just let us know if you want to help by sending us a message here.

Next week, I want to break down the process of how we go about producing the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. What does it take to produce a professional quality DVD video series? Let me just say, “It’s involved!”

See you next week.

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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