Alt-Right Condemned by Southern Baptists – Part 2

As I explained in Part 1, the recent Southern Baptist Convention has officially condemned the Alt-Right movement.  Labeling the Alt-Right as “racist” and “white supremacists” and proponents of “racial and ethnic hatred” sounds a lot like a typical, unthinking, non-Christian “human rights” group. Was it the knee-jerk reaction about their “racist past” that the Southern Baptists want to rectify in order to exonerate themselves before the world as the now racially-inclusive group? Proudly and confidently, Southern Baptist leader Ed Stetzer declared, “The alt-right is antithetical to the Christian gospel.” Justified at last!

Southern Baptist Theology

So, I was interested in finding out exactly what the Southern Baptist theological basis is for them to say that “the Alt-Right is antithetical to the Christian gospel.” Let’s see what they say. There were a number of points, so I’ll just address four.

Under the Proposed Resolution #10 called “On the Anti-Gospel of Alt-Right White Supremacy” that was finally approved, we come to the first point:

“WHEREAS, Scripture teaches, ‘From one man [God] has made every nationality to live over the whole earth and has determined their appointed times and the boundaries of where they live’ (Acts 17:26); …”1

It is commonly assumed that this verse means that all races (“every nationality”) came from Adam (or Noah). The implication, of course, is that all races have a common origin and all share equally in the same bloodline created by God. I have written extensively on this in God’s Covenant Creation (Book Four) of the Covenant Heritage Series. The Southern Baptist theory is based on a further assumption that the Bible is a universally and racially inclusive story about the “human race.” But the Bible never even alludes to that. God created Adam uniquely and the Bible is the historical record of his race (Genesis 5:1). The Southern Baptists (and all Catholic and Protestant churches) don’t ask, “Was Adam’s race inclusive of all races or is it one among many races?” And if they did ask that question, what does the evidence of the Bible suggest or prove is the best answer of the two possible conclusions?

Take the genealogies from Genesis chapters 5-11. Within those chapters the genealogies comprise about 42% of all the verses. And what do these genealogies tell us? Two things. First, there is a specific family line from Adam to Noah among the other families within the Adamic race. Second, the genealogies imply the same genetic bloodline. Noah, for example, was the same race as Adam. Same genetics – same race. The other races are not even mentioned.

Isn’t this common sense? There are a few attempts at some fantastic (fantasy) theories about how all races came from Adam (or Noah), but I thoroughly debunk them in God’s Covenant Creation,  Book Four. But the common, unfailing and repeatable law of nature is reproduced time after time: kind after kind. Two pure White people, male and female, produce only a White child. Chinese produce Chinese. Black Africans produce black Africans. Every time. The repeatable experience of this law of nature is commonly experienced and understood, but incredibly denied by this theological theory that all races came from Adam. It’s stupid!

But this false point of theology is the basis for the inclusive racial equality movement. Hence, those in the Alt-Right movement are condemned because they believe in racial and political separation. There may not be a lot of professing “Christians” in the Alt-Right, but they have more common sense than a lot of those high-octane theologians out there.

More Theological Assumptions

There are more points that presume to support a racially-inclusive “gospel.” I’ll just briefly mention a few:

“WHEREAS, The Psalmist proclaimed, ‘The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the LORD’ (Psalm 24:1) …”

Once again, unfounded, unbiblical presumption about the meanings of “earth” and “world.” These word definitions are handled in Book Four, God’s Covenant Creation. They don’t mean the planet and every person on it!

“WHEREAS, Scripture proclaims that Jesus is purchasing by His blood believers ‘from every tribe and language and people and nation’ (Revelation 5:9) …”

In what context is that phrase used? Revelation was written to and about Israel. This is handled in Book Six, The Biblical Story of Prophecy.

“WHEREAS, We know from our Southern Baptist history the effects of the horrific sins of racism and hatred; and…”

Hey Southern Baptists – do you know what “racism” even means? And who is now hating who? And who is calling the conviction of White people who prefer their own kind over the others “sin”? What law of God is being transgressed here? I John 3:4 defines sin as the transgression of God’s law. The Southern Baptists (and they are not alone) are redefining sin and going beyond what is written in the Bible.

Resolution for the Racists and Deceived

At the conclusion of these points of errant theology, the Southern Baptists made this resolution in part:

“RESOLVED, That we earnestly pray, both for those who advocate racist ideologies and those who are thereby deceived, that they may see their error through the light of the Gospel, repent of these hatreds, and come to know the peace and love of Christ through redeemed fellowship in the Kingdom of God, which is established from every nation, tribe, people, and language.”

Thank you so much that heartfelt, prayerful resolution. It really touched me. So lovingly concerned.

Here is my message to the Southern Baptists and all those who continue to spew forth unwarranted and unprovable theology. You don’t know what you’re talking about or what you so confidently affirm.

Repent! Repent of your lies that continue to lead God’s true Covenant People down the road of destruction and deception. Repent of preaching a false gospel and a false Jesus.

And to the advocates of the Alt-Right movement I say, “You are heading in the right direction. Don’t give up on the Bible and Jesus Christ. What you are seeing and hearing out there in church-land is NOT biblical Christianity.” Do you want to know what the Bible actually says and means? The Bible is about your race – the Caucasian race! It’s your history and heritage book. Click here to take your first step.


1 All quotes in this article are from:

By Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

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