Book Two: Identifying Biblical Israel Today

Everybody knows! How could I be so ridiculously stupid as to write a book on Identifying Biblical Israel Today: The Evidence? Don’t I know – doesn’t everybody know – that the “Jews” are God’s chosen people – Israel? That’s what everybody believes, right?

Humor me

Okay. Just indulge me for a bit. Let’s pose three questions: Is it possible that the people who call themselves “Jews” today are really not who they say they are? Is it possible that they are not the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Could it be that the consensus opinion of modern Christian belief is wrong?

Why is that important anyway?

Who cares who Israel is today? What difference does it make? Well, if you read and understood Book One, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage, you probably would not ask that question. Book One proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bible is about one people. It makes a great deal of difference who those people are today. Absolutely HUGE difference.

By the way, if you have not read Book One, do not read Book Two, Identifying Biblical Israel Today. You will not understand it or its implications. PLEASE read Book One first (order here).

Don’t believe me

Don’t take my opinion as the truth about the identity of Israel today. Just consider the facts. That’s what Identifying Biblical Israel Today does. It gives the best historical account of who Israel is today. Is it the Jews? Is it someone else? How about you? Could you be an Israelite?

What’s inside Book Two?

What’s inside? The evidence. Carefully and clearly written and documented history that proves beyond a reasonable doubt who the genuine people of Israel are today. Here is a run down of the important topics:

  • Migrations of Israel from pre-Exodus times (1493 BC) to 280 BC – covers the most up-to-date historical and archaeological evidence available.
  • Heraldry of Israel – compares the symbols used for the various tribes of Israel with the people who are traditionally associated with these symbols today
  • Languages of Israel – a revelation of the striking similarities of the Hebrew language of biblical Israel and the languages of their descendants today.
  • The origins of the Jews – a documented historical survey identifying the Jews from after the Babylonian captivity of the house of Judah to the present day people who call themselves “Jews.”
  • Judaism – where it came from, what it is and what it teaches.

All the maps, charts and pictures are included in living color, too!

The players

Before you can understand what the Bible says and what it means by what it says, you have got to know who is who. It’s like going to a play and if you do not know who the actors are in the story, you cannot understand it. If you have read Book One, you already understand the necessity of correctly identifying the “Jews” and “Gentiles.” Identifying Biblical Israel Today (Book Two) takes you to the next level and up to the present day.

Biblical Israel today

Identifying Biblical Israel Today will give you the facts to discover the truth hidden or forbidden in the the churches today about who the true Israelite people are today. Could this book help you discover your heritage? Order here.

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Book Two Testimonials

“I’m into book two now. These well documented trails of migration are an overwhelming corroboration of authentic historical evidence!  The “heraldry” you present is VERY VERY powerful. Who can deny this?   For me, the Brutus history and revelation is absolutely incredible.  Is it not a hands-down confirmation in those British and Scottish Arms  emblems?  Just take songs like “Rule” Britannia and Judah is all over it. This is really awesome… very exciting revelation… I’m really still “reeling” from the solid evidence you present from your research, and its revelation; It is very disturbing. When I read the excerpts from the Talmud, I fully understand, and there can be no doubt, who has REALLY secretly and slyly been behind all the assaults on cultural morality and Christianity in our courts and civil decisions throughout American history. What snakes! Now, they are very cleverly hiding behind the mass migration of Islam in what is now being called the Islamic and African conquest, happening right before our eyes, without any resistance, throughout Europe and America. They know the Islamic ideology is not just a religion but a way of life encompassing Sharia law that is “completely incompatible” with ours; they don’t tolerate it in Israel, so they are masterfully using it as their army and weaponry against the west and more particularly against the one whom they have always hated: Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Surely these are those bad figs (rotten figs) spoken of by the prophet that must be spit out because they are so poisonous and unpalatable!” – JT

“Most Christians agree that God has a chosen people, but the identification of who they are is another matter. In Volume Two, Lawrence Blanchard carefully documents and discerns the difference between the true Israel people of the Bible in contradistinction to those who call themselves Jews and are the practitioners of Judaism in the world today. This Volume Two corrects many of the misidentifications of who’s who in the Bible through the historical record, heraldry (with beautiful color reproductions) and comparative linguistics. This was an exciting and inspirational presentation. It takes the controversy out of who God chooses and dispels old myths.” – Pastor Mark Downey, KY

“I’ve now gotten mixed up which book had what in Books Two and Three. But suffice to say that I do recall with great impact, that the more I read and delved into the books with careful attention to its wealth of information, the more I came to realize that this series of books is unique in its approach. More systematically organized, more thoroughly presented in a logical chain of linked themes that brilliantly covered the information being assessed, leading to some vital conclusions. The vibrant colored historical heralds, symbols, etc. of our history are the best collection I’d seen anywhere.” – FL, MI

“Volume 2 pulls together information from many sources as it gives an overview of the history of the 12 tribes. It then traces the heraldry and languages of Europe with the 12 tribes and Hebrew language. Vol. 2 makes a strong case the 12 tribes are the ancestors of Northern European people of today. Great intro for anyone interested in our national heritage.” – GB, NY

“Dr. Blanchard does not spiritualize away God’s Covenants and Promises to Israel nor does he Judaize the Gospel. Identifying Biblical Israel is a fascinating Biblical journey into the mostly unknown migrations of the presumed lost tribes of Israel. You will soon discover upon reading through just a few short chapters, that something is profoundly amiss in present day Judeo-Christian theology. I have always wondered how the Caucasian people have been rooted in Biblical Christianity and been some of the most advanced civilizations among the nations, and yet, presumably, we are mere “Gentiles” of no real Biblical significance. When you read this book, you will no longer hold to such fallacious beliefs.” – Pastor Dave Barley, ID

I just finished Book II (Identifying Biblical Israel). To say that I have learned from this book would be an understatement. I would like to thank your diligence on your research. I know the Holy Spirit has helped guide you. I could write an entire dissertation on the teachings of this book. I now have the knowledge due to this book to look at the Bible and align my family crest as well as the crest of many nations to Biblical Israel. Brother Blanchard gives the reader a wealth of sources they can dissect the migrations of Israel with. This book also gives the reader the blessings and structure the 12 tribes were given by Yahweh. Book I and Book II are an essential tool for showing the truth to new believers and are relevant to Bible scholars who have studied Biblical Israel for years. So far this series is the most educational I have studied. It is full of nuggets. – Lonnie Underwood, KY