Book Five: The Greatest Deception of Our Time

The Greatest Deception of Our Time: Exposing the Doctrine of Diversity and Multiculturalism reveals the ultimate value and highest ideal of our time which is racial and cultural diversity. It is the sacred mantra obsessively promoted and pursued by government, the media, educational institutions, businesses, religious leaders and their organizations – both conservative and liberal.

Everybody’s For It

It seems anybody and everybody is on the bandwagon trumpeting the virtues of racial and cultural integration at all levels of modern society. So, how could such a thing be wrong because, well, everybody seems to agree that it’s a good thing. It’s just and fair. You know, equal rights for all. Let’s just get along. Can’t we just co-exist, you know, like the bumper sticker: “coexist”?

Come on, get on board. Don’t be left behind. It’s the right thing to do! After all, how can it be wrong, when it feels so good?

Watch Out!

Of course, should you voice your disapproval of the majority opinion of racial and cultural diversity, shame on you! You must be a good-for-nothing “racist.” You must be a hateful “White supremacist.” And if you don’t apologize, you will lose your job and your reputation and probably your friends. So beware! Just repent and you will be forgiven – maybe.

Get the picture? Sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s the modern racial and cultural diversity movement that has swept over our land like a tsunami, destroying everything and anyone who gets in its way.

Is it good and right? Is it of God? Or, is it the greatest deception of our time?

The Greatest Deception of Our Time

Well researched, hard-hitting and written in a “take no prisoners” style, Book Five, The Greatest Deception of Our Time, attempts to set the record straight.

Do you want to be informed and read another side of the story? Don’t be deceived any longer! Get the facts. Get the truth and be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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Questions You Might Have

In the meantime, here are some of the questions that will be answered in The Greatest Deception of Our Time:

  • What are the five (5) major areas that evidence the modern racial integration and cultural diversity movement today?
  • Was America founded on the premise that it should become a racially diverse country?
  • What part did the “Abolition Movement” play in the eventual racial equality “civil rights” laws and who was behind it?
  • What was the central avenue by which racially and culturally diverse peoples came to America?
  • What part did anthropology play in America becoming a multi-racial country?
  • How did Catholic and Protestant theology and movements promote racial diversity and why?
  • What do the latest crime statistics reveal about crime and race?
  • What does “Polar Bear Hunting” mean?
  • What do the most recent statistics reveal about the economic burden directly related to foreign immigrants?
  • What is “White Privilege” and how is that being used as a power play against the White race?

And that’s just the beginning … Stay tuned!

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Book Five: The Greatest Deception of Our Time helps God’s covenant people to understand the unbiblical and destructive doctrine of diversity and multiculturalism and how that has grossly and deceptively affected our understanding of the Bible and consequently, our world perspective.
ISBN 978-0-9714328-7-1