About the Author

blanchard 01My name is Lawrence Blanchard and I am the author of the books on this website. The books in the Covenant Heritage Series represent the culmination of 36 years of study and research in the Bible and other related fields. My purpose in writing them is to help God’s covenant people grasp a more accurate understanding of the true nature and purpose of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as revealed in the Bible, history and science. I don’t claim perfection or error-free analysis and am quite willing to consider constructive criticism (not name calling) where it can be proven I am wrong. I’ve taken great care to write these books doing due diligence to be true, correct and certain as to what the Bible says and what it means by what it says.

That being said, I thought it might be helpful for you to get to know me as a person, my background and insight for why I wrote these books. I became a follower of Jesus Christ at age 21 when I bowed my knee to Him. I was regenerated by the Holy Spirit and thus began a new life. Although my life’s purpose was not exactly clear at the beginning of my Christian walk, I had an intense interest in the study of God’s written word. I attended a Baptist church and read Bible-based books and even completed Bible correspondence courses.

During this time, I met and married my wife Sandi and for the next year I considered what I wanted to do for my life’s work. I could think of nothing more personally fulfilling than the Christian ministry. So, I attended Denver Seminary and graduated with a Master of Divinity degree in 1979.

After seminary, Sandi and I ministered for six years at Faith Academy, a school for missionaries’ children in the Philippines. Sandi was born and raised as a “MK” and attended this boarding school during her high school years in the Philippines because her father and mother were a medical missionary team there for over 40 years. While at Faith Academy, we also were involved with a Chinese-Filipino church in Manila.

After our time as missionaries concluded, we returned stateside to pastor several churches in California. It was at that time, through many of my own prideful sins and immaturity, that I experienced a total collapse in ministry resulting in personal devastation.

Subsequently, we moved to Washington State and worked selling spas and basically had no interest in ministry, in the Bible or church fellowship. I was at rock bottom emotionally and spiritually. After a couple years of that, I decided I’d better retool and begin another career. I thought that, perhaps, law school would be a good option.

So, we went back to California to attend law school. After a year, God providentially put some people in my life that introduced me to the real world. This was not the world as taught by government schools, the entertainment industry, and the highly controlled and censored news. It was about the lawlessness that was happening in America. It was at a time when the government murderous atrocities against defenseless people were taking place in Waco, Texas and against the family members of Randy Weaver in Idaho. Do you recall? But it was more than just these isolated incidents. It was every area of life that was under siege.

My new education began to open my eyes to a different world that I had simply passed by – like most people. This began a new search for me. I could see that God had allowed me to go through all my failures and their consequences and even one year of law school to set me on a new course. I never looked back, but now had an over-riding interest in the history of the American nation I had been born in and where my ancestors had come to since the 1630s. I had a heritage. I wanted to know about the foundation of America – its laws and Christian roots. I knew instinctively that was a part of who I was. I had to find out!

So, my quest for truth for the next two years began and my research into America’s original, lawful foundations began. During this time, God placed in my path a number of people who taught me with a much deeper understanding of these foundations and what was really going on, and had been going on, in my nation that was deliberately undermining the original Christian heritage and intent of the Northwest European people who explored and founded this land. Oh, how my world perspective changed!

My world would change even more when I began to realize that what I had been taught in churches and seminary, and what I myself had also taught for many years, about what the Bible said and meant, its nature and purpose, was greatly in error. My attention and passion returned to begin afresh to study the Bible again. God began to open my eyes to see and understand His written word like I had never known before. It was a new book for me! It began to make sense!

I thought my calling to preach and teach the Scriptures was gone, that perhaps God had abandoned me or changed His mind. But now, I had new life in me and a more powerful purpose. From then until now, I have never stopped growing in my knowledge and understanding of the Bible and its critical relevance to my life, my marriage, my nation, and the local church in respect to the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Hence, my books are an extension of me and what God has taught me through these years. I believe they’re very important and I hope you will consider them.

I pray that the God of grace, who opened my mind and heart, will do the same for you. May He use these books as instruments to teach His true covenant people that they may also discover and rejoice in their inheritance and purpose for why God created them!


Lawrence Blanchard

Numbers 6:22-27