2018 Conference Report

by Linda Ramsey

What can I say besides wow! This is the first conference that I have been to, and while I hoped and prayed that it would be a success, God blessed it and it was more than a success!

The ministers were of one accord and God sent a powerful message to all who attended. We are to have a mission of how we can spread his word. We are to then have a vision of how we can accomplish this and then to develop a method of doing it.

Brother Blanchard is developing a work study on how to accomplish this. It is a DVD with a work book. It is in editing and production at this time.

Everett and I rented a conference room that would hold 150 to 200 people. We prayed that it would not look empty. … I should not have worried! The room was full on all three days! …It was a joy to me, and when I saw Everett invigorated, and everyone so receptive I can’t explain how I felt. … god prepared the entire conference; from the words and messages given by the ministers, to providing everything we needed. When we needed a conference room and motel it was provided. … Needless to say, we re starting to plan for next year! We are planning on April 26, 27 and 28, in Branson again. So start planning to come.

– Excerpts from the Jacobs Heirs Newsletter, May 2018

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